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  1. Physiotutors

    This looks excellent! Will it have customization options to match the look and feel of the website?

  2. raf23

    Do you have an approximate date when the student app will be released?

  3. karolla86

    İ need it too, then ı can make a plan for new update.

  4. eshikhon

    This is Great.. I feel need for it.
    You are doing Awesome..

    1. Apologies for the delays, I am currently not well and I the hospital which is why there has been unexpected delays. We just need one full week to release the app.

      1. cloudnine

        I’m sending you my best wishes for a quick recovery. Get Well Soon

  5. Tecnomantis

    You fuckers are on fire! This is awesome! This takes WPLMS to an entire new level. Native app for an educational wordpress theme, what a moment to be alived!!

  6. 🙁 I cant see anything… wheres the annoucement everyone is excited about. All i see is coming soon. Been hearing that for ages now

      1. kaderahmed.cse

        Did you launch the apps?

        Please let me know. I want to use. Thanks

  7. How are you feeling now hope you recover soon and app is a good news but more important than your health

    Correction not more important than your health wishing you speedy recovery.

  8. basem nasser

    is can be translated to arabic…. is it white label API Android ?

  9. M

    Can I puplish this app in Google Play and Apple story or is it your app? How about custom languages?

      1. ilia

        cant be published in apple store. violated apple policy about in app purchase

        1. Inapp purchases are coming up in update which is why we have not published it on AppStore yet

  10. Wayne

    Can’t you just release a beta version that we can buy it and testdrive, it doesnt matter how many glitches it will have, we just want to have a look and feel , we wont complain a thing, knowing that its on development level.
    Please Mr.vibe

  11. info2grow

    Not sure how the process works, is customization required? What is the additional cost? We are web developers but not app developers, do we need to use xCode to customize? Is this an app that has to be submitted to the AppStore?

  12. info2grow

    We’ve looked into WordPress conversion apps and heard the Apple AppStore refuses submissions if the apps code is similar to other apps on the store. Will this be an issue for this app since I would imagine every submission will have similar code with the only differences being app name, logo and database connection.

  13. Superbobrik


    I just purchased the app.

    What to do next? Do you have documentation or video tutorials? Or will you add them in future?

    Will it be possible to change logo and other settings by my own basing on tutorials?

    When do you plan to give more description about app and how it works?

    If I got Ru language on website, will it be automatically transferred to app?

    I think that you should write that if user wants to change logo or smth else, he should pay for customization actually.

    Adding codes at result in a failed purchase code.

  14. Alberto

    I have bought Student app, but I don’t know how to start 🙁
    Could you upload a tutorial for dummies? 🙂

  15. ilia

    The app does not work for IOS, apple does not allow non in-app purchases outside apple store which makes it useless. It violates apple policy and wont be able to make it available in apple store. Already talked to apple about this.

  16. CTI Team

    Already bought and installed. Its running from the terminal with “ionic serve” but not showing any of the site content (courses)

    1. Make sure everything is connected well and nothing is blocking the API call. Some plugins like Sucuri security block API requests thinking it as “bot” traffic.

  17. cblinick

    I have translated much of my site with loco translate. Will this all stay translated with the app? Also, can I hire someone to develop the app?

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