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    Makarand Mane
    HI Alex I know that Installment payment not available in WPLMS. Read this too. Can we setup like this?
    1. Course have variable pricing
    2. Either pay full amount
    3. Or pay amount (in installment using) per month with subscription
    hi, sorry for the delay in response due to support holiday. yes you can set variable pricing option you can set the payment amount on the basis of subscription. please refer:
    Makarand Mane
    Hi Veronica, I had shared my reply here before few days. But I really can't understand why that is present here. yes you can set variable pricing option- Do I need to purchase your wplms woo addon? I need to set 2 main variation.
    1. Full payment with limited access for one year
    2. Pay in installment for one year. after one year there should not be new invoice. Student will have one year course only.
    Another question, subscription option on product setting, how it works?
    Hello, The payment in installments is not available in wplms, however you can set the subscription payment. For example if you set the subscription to $5 per month then the users will have to pay $5 per month to continue the course. This setting is present in the woocommerce product settings.
    In wplms there is also variable pricing option available in which you can set different prices for the same course but with different duration, number of course/quiz retakes, enable certificate/badge for the course, etc. This is present in the wplms woocommerce plugin, refer: You can add subscription from here: Edit the product in the pricing section and add the subscription, refer: if you want automatic deductions and renewal of subscription : follow : if not then simply enable the subscription options added by wplms in product settings .Make sure that the course is associated to product : Thanks,
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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