WPLMS – WooCommerce Subscriptions Addon

In this tutorial, we’re integrating WPLMS with WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin.

Simply upload the attached plugin and your site will be compatible with WooCommerce subscriptions plugin for both manual and automatic renewals.


Video Tutorial :



Note :It is a small code as shared in the tips but making it in a plugin makes it more accessible to use. The Commission calculation hooks have been added in this plugin but will work from the WPLMS 2.3 update.

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  1. I can’t seem to find this plugin to download. Can you give me the address where to download wplms woocommerce subscription integration
    Thank you

  2. jsnmrk

    Is it possible to sell a subscription to the entire site, in essence giving access to ALL courses on the site. Then on expired subscription you no longer have access to ALL courses. Does what I am asking make sense?

    I want to sell a subscription to the whole site and therefore all courses on the site. After expiry the user will not be able to access any of the courses. How would I go about doing this with this plugin?

    1. Use the paid memberships pro plugin for this, this addon is only useful if you want to implement auto recurring memberships for courses.

      1. jsnmrk

        Thank you. Does the memberships pro plugin however provide recurring billing (automatic) – this is really important for me.

        1. It is not included in the default plugin for addons you will need to check their site. Paidmembershipspro.com

    2. fuadmurad

      I want to do the exact same thing. Were you able to figure this out?

  3. Hello,
    with this plugin enabled and with WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin activated also, it is necessary anymore to set in the product page of woocommerce, 30 days subscription time at theme settings? I ask this because i do not understand the difference between having or not having this plugin enabled: i currently have WooCommerce Subscriptions activated and every product course setup to 30 days subscription (see attached printscreens) and reccuring payments at 30 days through WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin and when a user buys a course, the course is automatocaly allocated to the user and he can acces it. After 30 days, the course is EXPIRED and the user must buy another subscription. My problem is that they usualy make another order instead of paying the one automatically issued by WooCommerce Subscriptions…So…what does this plugin that is not already in the theme and WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin? I ask in good faith, do not missunderstand me. 🙂
    anca bogdan

    1. No it is not. When a subscription product is purchased the subscription time you set in woocommerce will overwrite the ones you’ve set in settings. The only advantage of using the woocommerce subscriptions is the auto-renewal feature which is only supported when you activate this plugin. In short the woocommerce subscriptions has an auto renewal feature, so the user does not need to buy the course again as it will auto renew.

  4. Just to be clear: i do not need to set 30 days subscription time in woocommerce settings , (the wplms section of it) if i have woocommerce subscription enabled and your subscription addon?

    1. That is correct. If wplms woo subscriptions is enable it would overwrite the 30 day setting in product settings meta box added by wplms.

  5. fuadmurad

    The problem with the Woocommerce subscription plugin is that it is expensive and requires you to renew a license every year. I just recently purchased a plugin called Subscriptio from codecanyon. I saw a comment by you guys on there asking about integration with WPLMS. That would be a great option and should definitely be considered for future updates. It currently works but I still have to work out the bugs with the integration.

    1. That is an interesting option. It would be really great if you can post this in the feature requests section as well.

  6. aspirenetwork

    If I have given one day trial product to the user, But not able to pay from “payu money gateway”, After course has expired.

  7. jocenunes

    What is the difference betewen Subscription and PMpro? and other question is:

    Is it possible share comission with the base of the recurring system,I mean user subscribe a month plan, so can we calculate the commission as the enrolled student form class?

    1. Good question. A subscription is a one time sale whereas membership is time bound sale. Which means you can add more courses to memberships which would be automatically given to the user. Yes , in recurring the commission is calculated on every recurring order.

  8. italymadeeasy

    could someone please elaborate a bit more on how Woo Subscriptions integrate with WPLMS in terms of functionality?
    Woo Subscriptions handle failed payments, automatically revoking access to the WPLMS course ?
    And what happens when a user manually cancels a subscription, say with Paypal? Does Woo Subscriptions automatically adjust access?


    1. Yes, whenever a Woocommerce subscription changes its status we update the course status accordingly.

  9. DorotaS

    How do you add this to wordpress – throught FTP or do you compress it and upload as a plugin?

  10. DorotaS

    Also, What if I also want to add full course fee, so you have both options, subscription per month and full payment upfront?

    1. Yes, but what you’re asking is not connected to Wplms -woo subscription plugin at all. This is available by WPLMS WooCommerce plugin

  11. amidjah

    where can i get the snippet of the code to paste in my website for the subscriptions to work with wordpress woo comerce subscriptions

  12. amidjah

    I got it! FYI the attachment doesnt load all the time. it finally showed in my case. i am using google chrome.

  13. Reppin

    My developer and I are wondering what’s the best way to charge the instructor for the courses we load for them. And the the best way for them to send us the files to load their course. My courses are free for students.
    Thanks in advance

  14. wine-teach


    Does this plugin with the original Woocommerce Subscriptions plugin work with the last wplms version? If yes, will I be able to install auto renewal payments on wplms with those plugins?

    Thank you in advance!

  15. wine-teach

    Additional question: can I connect EVERY courses to a one subscription product, so when customer will buy this subscription, he would be able to enroll in each course I’ve connected with this subscription? 🙂

  16. Rodney Hill

    Do you need both the woocommerce subscription plugin and wplms woocommerce integration. I haven’t purchased wplms yet, just doing my research. I like wplms however my concern and confusion is with what I will need to sell all my courses as monthly subscriptions.
    Any simple clarification on this would be greatly appreciated and will help me in moving forward with the purchase

  17. emad975

    How can i give the student auto 1 Month free subscription to all course after he register on my site and after one month he need to pay the course amount for each course. Is that Possible Mr.Vibe.

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