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    Hi Vibe Team, I want to buy WPML Plugin to make my site multilingual but first, I would like to know when the full (and official) compatibility between WPLMS and WPML will be achieved ? Is it possible already to install this plugin and to work completely with it or is it better to wait ? I remember when I bought WPLMS, the compatibility was mentioned on Themeforest, now this is no more the case. Thanks for your time ! (and sorry if it's not the right place in the forum) Pierre
    WPLMS has no official compatibility to WPML because the process to get official compatibility is not user friendly. We have very limited access and we can not install our plugins, so we'e tried 3 times to get official compatibility status but everytime it gets stuck in one or other issue. We have this doc. for WPML compatibility which you can check : https://wplms.io/support/knowledge-base/wplms-with-wpml-multilingual-plugin/ There are few sites which I acn refer you for WPML, however, you may also want to consider multisite setup as it is faster than the multi lingual. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i80MKz2YcfY
    Hi Mr Vibe, Thank you for your answer ! It helps a lot ! And you got me at "faster". So if I understand correctly, the multisite option allows to create a multitude of sites, and each one could be in different languages. It's a very interesting option. And if it's faster than using WPML, even better. I watched your video about this, and the first question I have is about the URL of each different home page. Could it be this type : https://www.name.com/en/ and https://www.name.com/fr, etc. ? I guess that it could be done with .htaccess redirecting, but could it be done natively ? Also, the second question is what about the performance of the website, since everything is on the same server. Does it slow down WPLMS a lot ? Thank you for your time !
    Concerning the URL, I think I found my answer. In order to fully work with WPLMS in different languages, what plugins do you recommend for switching languages in front end ? Or does WPLMS have this option ? Thank you for your time !
    @pierred Yes you are right your sites URL will be like this https://www.name.com/en/ https://www.name.com/fr After creating multisite setup. You will need the language switcher. We don't have any such feature but using custom css code we can add something like this refer: http://prntscr.com/oqnodz and the menus will be redirected on their sites respectively  
    Thank you Diana pour your answer. It's right, some CSS will help a lot. All these informations have been really helpful !


    As this issue is well explained, listened to and understood by the user. on his confirmation, i am closing this topic.

    Have a good day 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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