1. Pricing style changed after woocommerce 2.6 update
  2. Some issue with the apply for course emails.
  3. Touch points for unit comments .
  4. Loading icon in Filter results button.
  5. Assignment time and the pagination not working in course result page.
  6. Icons do not display in the tabs shortcode
  7. cursor issue on some elements like scroll to ” top “
  8. In course quiz time parameter does not changes.
  9. Multiple correct question type not working in question shortcode
  10. Assignment submission time error .There is a ” . ” instead of comma in line 379 .
  11. styling issue search results are overlapped in back end search selectcpt boxes
  12. Division by zero in D:\xampp\htdocs\wplms2\wp-content\themes\wplms\course-review.php on line 85
  13. Change the default field name in the all instructors template page from “expertise” to ” speciality “
  14. Buddypress course widget sort by students not working
  15. Filter is not removing from “Active Filters” in course directory page filter widget even after unchecking
  16. Filter is not removing from “Active Filters” in course directory page filter widget even after unchecking
  17. Count is not altered on all courses page when the courses are hidden from the course directory.
  18. When unit description is on, the quizzes also show the description arrow which toggles the next section, quiz or unit.
  19. Add scroll to top feature in the in-course quiz after click on submit button.
  20. excerpt length not working for courses.
  21. yoast seo course page social sharing issue
  22. Accordion not opening automatically when clicked on next unit button in course status page.
  23. Certificate widget not validating certificate
  24. Send Certification link in certificate mail.
  25. add course menu background color in the theme customiser for different layouts also.
  26. Illegal string offset ‘marks’ in D:\xampp\htdocs\modern2\wp-content\plugins\wplms-front-end\includes\class.generate_fields.php on line 1476
  27. Course filter widget is not working on all courses page in demo default setup for mobiles only.
  28. Shortcode for the inquiry form
  29. French translation in theme language file is throwing error in assignment submissions on results page of user
  30. Negative marking in snot considered in stats screen but shows correct in result screen
  31. [vibe_site_stats] Shortcode modification for admin
  32. Forgot password email and activation email not showing user name and also if activation email is not set then forgot passowrd email will not be sent through wplms template
  33. Demo1 Styling fixes
  34. The SUBSCRIBE and PAYPAL is out of alignment on Safari browser.
  35. Issue with the course layouts.
  36. Change membership is not removing courses from user (suggested a change to pmpro plugin for this )
  37. Link to user profile not working in per unit comments.
  38. unit comments email touch point not working :
  39. some suggestions for the betterment of v_admin.js file :
  40. certificate is awarded multiple times if the course is manually evaluated and user finishes course again and again .
  41. clear response only clears localstorage but not the response in quizzes with negative marking
  42. Connect assignment to course does not show the current newly created course
  43. User does not get automatically logged in on user activation.
  44. Pdf link in certificate only works for first time
  45. The unit category is not pre selected, you have to select the category every time you open the unit to edit
  46. Dropdown question type do not work in units.
  47. Assignment fetching in submissions needs a check for the approved comments only
  48. Permalinks issue with revert permalinks.
  49. It shows array in vibe carousal widget, when posts are shown with general style.
  50. Bullets and number not working in the assignments.
  51. Blog page title is not hiding as per siettings
  52. Animation effect  page missing in the page builder.
  53. Apply toggle in login widgt and sidebar me
  54. upload zip button shows error in popup when instrcutor has not added any project and clicks on upload  library
  55. start date sorting option not working in post grid carousel in page builder
  56. Too many loading icon on filter results (course directory page) when clicked on clear filters.
  57. add feature : explanation link must appears after user have tried to answer that question shortcode
  58. assignment activity has wrong item id (it should of course)
  59. Wooconmerce refunded order shows commissions to customer on single order page
  60. Get_the_ID() not working in my courses .Need to pass the id of course in variable to resolve issue in future
  61. Wooconmerce refunded order shows commissions to customer on single order page
  62. Get_the_ID() not working in my courses .Need to pass the id of course in variable to resolve issue in future
  63. Last letter in From name in email is cropped .
  64. single item refund does not deduct commission of that instructor .
  65. members page in mobile some styling issues
  66. dashboard “instructor stats” widget settings or the number of elemets to be shown not working
  67. add course start date sorting option in Buddypress course widget
  68. Spelling mistake in assignments_functions.php file.
  69. Renewd spelling mistake in vibe course module plugin.
  70. facebook button in wp-admin login screen does not work and also an issue with the styling of it
  71. WooCommerce commission in Order email (quick Fix )
  72. left sidebar page template not working with new header options
  73. Quiz id parameter spelling mistake in filter ” wplms_quiz_retake_count ” in results.php file line number
  74. PSD file type not uploading in assignments
  75. layer slider block does not show in page builder in case of multisite installation
  76. Assignment submission is featching all the submissions done by a  user instead of the last submission
  77. Hide assignments in assignment directory for course users in case of unit locking.
  78. Replaced the get_super_admins with wp_user_query for betterment of site speed and also to resolve issues for those for which the get_user_by fnction was not working
  79. Results Template
  80. Course category filter does not works when clicking on second page
  81. Styling issue on the course detail widget.

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  1. Sujit

    Hi, I wanted to purchase the WPLMS , however I have 2 questions :-

    1)Is negative marking is allowed for each question in quiz.Can we set defalt marks and default negative marks for all the questions in a quiz ?:
    2)How student will be able to upload their handwritten answer copies , so that we can download and check them as administrators.Also triggers for each events to the student.
    3)Can SMS be sent to mobile numbers – to everyone , to selected few, only to a particular candidate etc

    Quick reply will be appreciated .Help me with these details so that I can go for the purchase soon.

    Thank you

  2. Shibon

    How to create Instructor registration like student registration using WPLMS 2.1.1

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