WPLMS theme 4.090 with VibeBP & WPLMS plugin 1.4.0

  1. [FEATURE] APP Generator for WPLMS : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blbRbVMWkuc
  2. [NEW DEMO] Learning Center Demo : https://demos.wplms.io/learningcenter  [no jquery mode demo ]
  3. [NEW DEMO] Quiz Master Demo : https://demos.wplms.io/quizmaster [no jquery mode ]
  4. [FEATURE] Elegance theme for PWA & Members Area
  5. [FEATURE] Multiple Course layouts and assign to Course category
  6. [FEATURE] Apply Course layouts to a particular course
  7. [FEATURE] Latex for math equations in editor
  8. [UPDATE] Improved UX for ask questions to instructor.
  9. [UPDATE] Show expanded profile dashboard menu
  10. [UPDATE] Default dark mode dashboard menu
  11. [UPDATE] Pagination in Practice questions
  12. [UPDATE] Hide Extras in course button
  13. [UPDATE] Parent child dropdown in course directory for all taxonomies
  14. [UPDATE] more controls for instructor data
  15. [UPDATE] Handled shortcode in units
  16. [UPDATE] Question number display if quiz questions more than 9
  17. [Update] WooCommerce template updated
  18. [Update] BuddyPress templates in no-jquery mode, registration, activtiy etc.
  19. [Update] Provision aded if setup wizard does not load import file
  20. [Fix] Quiz evaluate activity recorded now
  21. [Fix] Course layout alignment styling not working on course page
  22. [Fix] Editor big fixes supports “Notes in course fixed
  23. [Fix] Dark color fixes in WooCommerce Shop area.
  24. [Fix] Group forums fix
  25. [Fix] Notes in course fixed
  26. [Fix] My badges count missing
  27. [Fix] No. of question in quiz settings
  28. [Fix] Course forum privacy applied
  29. [Fix] Double thumbnail in course category backend page
  30. [Fix] Course blocks css not working
  31. [Fix] Notes not detected in Courses
  32. [Fix] Questions not recorded.
  33. [Fix] Header top menu goes behind the header
  34. [Fix] JS Warnings in no Footer, no Cart, no Header cases
  35. [Fix] Academy demo in Demo switcher
  36. [Fix] Editor crashing fix.
  37. [Fix] Manifest now placed in site root, to avoid overwrite in plugin updates.

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