Add confirm email field in register page

I share this trick with the wplms community.

If you want to add a confirm email field in the register form (run by BuddyPress signup), paste this code in your bp-custom.php file or in your custom theme function.php. I tested it in my function.php file and it works! :)

PHP code:

function registration_add_email_confirm(){ ?>
<?php do_action( 'bp_signup_email_first_errors' ); ?>
<input type="text" name="signup_email_first" id="signup_email_first" class="form_field" value="<?php
echo empty($_POST['signup_email_first'])?'':$_POST['signup_email_first']; ?>" />
<label>Confirm Email <?php _e( '(required)', 'buddypress' ); ?></label>
<?php do_action( 'bp_signup_email_second_errors' ); ?>
<?php }
add_action('bp_signup_email_errors', 'registration_add_email_confirm',20);

function registration_check_email_confirm(){
global $bp;

//buddypress check error in signup_email that is the second field, so we unset that error if any and check both email fields

//check if email address is correct and set an error message for the first field if any
$account_details = bp_core_validate_user_signup( $_POST['signup_username'], $_POST['signup_email_first'] );
if ( !empty( $account_details['errors']->errors['user_email'] ) )
$bp->signup->errors['signup_email_first'] = $account_details['errors']->errors['user_email'][0];

//if first email field is not empty we check the second one
if (!empty( $_POST['signup_email_first'] ) ){
//first field not empty and second field empty
if(empty( $_POST['signup_email'] ))
$bp->signup->errors['signup_email_second'] = 'Please make sure you enter your email twice';
//both fields not empty but differents
elseif($_POST['signup_email'] != $_POST['signup_email_first'] )
$bp->signup->errors['signup_email_second'] = 'The emails you entered do not match.';
add_action('bp_signup_validate', 'registration_check_email_confirm');



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  1. zatakk

    It works when added in the function.php file.

    BUT could you make the email check as also password check as soon as the control is moving out of the field.

    As of now, unless I press “Complete Signup” button.

  2. antdigital

    If I have wpml installed. How do i translate this string (Confirm Email)?

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