Course Events display style

With WPLMS 2.4 version we have added a switch to change the style of Course Events.

The switch is located in WP ADmin – LMS – Settings :



Which enables to switch to the following Event calender display :


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  1. shlomi

    Very good feature!
    Is there option to present only events related to the current course?

    1. Yes this is the default setting, the global events and the course events will be displayed in the course – events section. To connect any event with the course edit the course in wp admin area and check the wplms course setting. If you create events via course creation panel the events will be automatically connected with the course.

  2. cuvaalex

    I m trying to change how the list of event are displayed for a particular course. I have trued to put the following code on wplms_customizizer.php. But nothing change, any tips?


    function full_cal(){

    return ‘[add_eventon_el tiles=”yes” number_of_months=”5″ sep_month=”no” hide_mult_occur=”yes” cal_id=”88″ today=”no” show_et_ft_img=”no” ft_event_priority=”no” wplms_course=”1″] ‘;


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