Instant question answer switch in Quizzes

From WPLMS version 24, we’ve added a new switch in WPLMS Quizzes to instantly check answers in quizzes.
This switch “Check Question answer” is located in Quiz settings both in the front end editor and the backend (WP Admin) edit of quizzes.
Once enabled you will get an option to instantly check answer of a question in the quiz.

Refer full tutorial below :

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  1. jgavilan

    I’ve updated everything on our site but I still cannot see the : Add check answers quiz switcher. It is not there.

    Any advise?

  2. i have a problem with questions, they don’t show titles while taking quiz in-course? what to do in video please

  3. Previmotion

    How can i use this nice feature BUT without showing the student the correct answer?
    I want the student to know that he ist wrong – but he has to study previous units again to answer correctly NOT to get correct answer for free.

    Where is this setting?

  4. Previmotion

    Unfortunately i did not find any option to combine this settings to achieve the goal not to show correct answer

    i used all possible combinations of (show/hide) this settings and tried to work in frontend and backend:

    Auto Evaluate Results
    Show results after submission
    Add Check Answer Switch

    please let me know soon what to do

    i dont think that this is a big issue as almost no instructor wants his student to get correct answer by doing like nothing but to select wrong anser and submit the wrong quiz answers.

    there is zero learning impact

  5. Previmotion

    is someone here to help me? i dont want to share my feelings about support
    (a few questions are open ………..)

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