Multiple FillBlank and Multiple Select Dropdown Question types

From WPLMS version 2.4+, there is an option to create multiple fill in the blanks and Select drop down in questions.

Whereever you need a fill in the blank in the question text, add a [fillblank] shortcode and similarly whereever you need a select drop down add a [select] shortcode. For select dropdowns the options are picked from the options created in the question, to have different options for different select drop downs you can add a options parameter to the shortcode which has the option numbers separated by comma, example [select options=”1,2,3″]

The correct answer for each of the shortcode usage must be saperated by a pipe |.

Refer full tutorial for more information :

Note: (Missed in the video) : For fill in the blanks, you can add multiple options for each correct answer. So, for example you have a question :

First democracy in the word is [fillblank], whose president is [fillblank]

Now, the correct answer for first fillblank is America or USA or United states or United states of America, and similarly for the second fill blank users can type Donald Trump or trump . So your correct answer for this question can include all these options :

Correct answer :

America , USA , United states , United states of America | Donald Trump , trump

So the | (pipe) separates the multiple fillblanks and the  , (comma) separates the options for the correct answer.

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  1. anasmokayed

    Hi! We can add multiple fill blanks in one question, and it is great, but how can auto evaluation count only the correct answers out of blanks, because If the question have 10 blanks and the student missed only one he will get 0 mark for the question!

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