Enabling caching in WPLMS

UPDATED TUTORIAL : https://wplms.io/support/knowledge-base/wplms-with-w3-total-cache/


In version 1.8.3 we’ve added in theme caching. We’re caching almost all the modules including the Complex Course queries , Featured blocks, Course directory loop and queries in the WP Admin panel.
Few important pointers to take advantage of caching :

1. Set a Caching duration, 86400 is for daily caching.
2. Install a Caching plugin like W3TC and enable Object and Database caching.

Few notes :
1. Make sure your WP database is set on InnoDb and not on MyIsam.
2. Complex queries like Filtering of courses are slow on MySql so these should be cached always.
3. Object caching can reduce a lot of queries for standardised pages.IMPORTANT : If you’re using WPLMS Filters widget, you may want to deactivate W3Total Cache Object cache in above video.

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