Notes & Discussions in WPLMS

Following Tutorial explains how notes and discussions work in WPLMS for version 1.8.4+.

Important Points to Note :

  1. Notes and Discussions are stored as comments for every unit. So these can also be managed from the WP Admin panel.
  2. You can locate notes and discussions for every unit by editing the unit in WP Admin panel and locating the comments metabox.
  3. WordPress native Import/export will also import all the notes and discussion from every student for every course.
  4. The comment type field is used in the database to differentiate between a note and a discussion.
  5. Last 10 notes and discussions are fetched for every unit, on the “First” click of the user on the note icon for any paragraph in the unit.
  6. The notes and discussions are stored in the local session storage of the browser in a JSON Format. So the notes and discussion replies are not realtime but on a session by session basis. Once the user closes the browser window or clears the cache the local storage is refreshed. This has been done to reduce the amount of load which this system can put on WPLMS sites.
  7. Local storage is also cleared when user deletes a comment, or adds a new comment.

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