How to create a support topic in new WPLMS forums.

  1. Go to “Forums” in

    Go to Forums to create a new support topic
  2. Register yourself

    Register yourself to create a support topic
  3. Login into the system to create a new support topic

    After register, log in into the support forums with username/password you registered.
  4. Go to sub-forum

    Go to appropriate sub forum
  5. Drag down to bottom to create a new support topic.

    Give a title to your topic with some description like screenshots etc
  6. For replies, if you want to share credentials or any information you wish to keep confidential, make sure to check on “Set private reply” as shown below.

    For sharing site url or admin credentials, make sure to check “set as private reply”. This reply can only be seen by theme support team

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  1. A K YAdav

    please guide me in making e learning lms , i am not a developer , but want to create my own , if i would feel any trouble , is there any instructor to guide throughout the making the site .

  2. Esther

    I have registered with my purchase code but have not received the email with the password.
    Where I can write about it? How can I solve that?

  3. En_90

    hi vibe i have question if i setup the theme and activate it can i move the whole theme with my data to another computer for same domain thanks

  4. The logo and menu of my website has reverted to WPLMS instead of my logo and site name. I am not a developed but would appreciate some help to restore…

  5. Mehmet

    I bought the theme wplms 2 times. The first purchase of a year, so the support has just expired, parcontre for the second support is still active, I would like to transfer it to the account in order to continue to ask questions and get answers. How to do ?

    1. sandy

      Try creating a new account with the new Theme Purchase code on the forums. Let us know if this helps.


    Guys I’m with that problem of Google fonts I’ve already seen all the material available.
    Remove the API key from the configuration and save the changes.
    2. Put the API key there and save the changes.
    3. Now click on “Refresh google fonts” and after successful update please just REALOAD the page, do not save changes just reload the page.
    Now try selecting a font.
    But it did not work, it did not work, please help me

    1. The steps are correct. Many times you need to follow the steps multiple times. Also consult your web host in case outbound calls to outside servers is blocked from your server settings.

  7. ronniecreager

    Hello. I’m having trouble “editing course prices” I’m in Woocomerce products and non of the “product date” tabs are working. It looks like this change is made in “general” but none of these options are allowing me to make changes.

    Can you please tell me how to do this or how to fix the issue.

    thank you.

  8. bamcse

    I want to as

    Is it necessary to purchase wpml for second languages to work with all features of wpml….

    1. For Multilingual we recommend but you can always go with the free approach using wp multi sites or other multilingual plugins.

  9. mandeepchhabra22

    I purchased wplms and it is loaded in site but now how to customize and understand how the theme work . I am not a developer rather a network engineer kindly advise

  10. marta_forero

    There is a bad translation in spanish in the wplms.
    When you are starting an evaluation it appears as: Usted va a empezar la Evaluaciób. Por favor, de click para confirmar el inicio.
    There´s an error in the word evaluaciob. The correct word is: evaluación.
    Where can i change these word or if you are going to update the spanish translation please correct it. Thanks.

  11. aspirenetwork

    Hi.. it’s many days since I paid for WPLMS Woocommerce upgrade but no response to emails for the product or any kind of communications on download link. May I request the product download link please?
    Just to post this message I had to pay for continued maintenance fee also. Anyway, If you can send the download link, we really appreciate your support. Thanks!

      1. aspirenetwork

        Is there anyone who can respond to the billing queries? Appreciate your reply.

  12. magistermu

    Hello. I created a topic. Then I create a response to my own message in order to share credentials. Then, I realize I made a mistake in the first message and edited it. But It desapeared and then it was marked as spam. After that, I try creating again a message with my issue but it was market as a copy of an existing one.
    My topic is Issue after purchasing courses. I need help.

  13. Hi,
    I have requested team to look into my setup as I was unable to setup my site we’ll have dropped emails for the same and now waiting for the teams confirmation of work completion.

    Mail sent from [email protected]

    Kindly let me know once the demo and other features are set and working completely along with the various plugin bundulled with the theme.

    Also let me know whats are the Expenses if I want to setup my site as per my needs and if that work has to be done from your end.(attachments with the mails sent previously)


  14. Hello, I try to install and set up. But can’t do Can you help me install it?

    1. Vibethemes

      yes, we offer free setup. Just create a topic in the setup foru,m.

  15. Diwashkc

    Hey my logo is not working at all as i want it is too small and when i increase the size it goes out of the header slider i think it might be due to menu ..please help!!

  16. hello..i have some questions many videos we can upload?
    2.if we upload the videos then what about the site performance(loading speed) i have single linux website hosting ,i am going to upload more than 200 programs(500 videos) which hosting do you prefer?
    4.can we sale this app to many purchasers?

  17. Bamisaye Folorunsho

    I am deploying this theme for school. I having been able to create courses. But I am having challenges on the following:
    1. How to create student interface to attend lecture, do the assignment, submit the assignment etc
    2. How to create/add student in bulk
    3. How to add/create question in bulk
    Please, It is urgent. Thank you

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  19. webbayo

    Hello Vibetheme, I want to create user login/ Registration form for instructors
    the interface should look like the signup/login.
    If possible for me to customize it myself, when you are done
    I will be expecting your reply soon.
    Thank you.

  20. Good day

    Thank you for the fantastic LMS. Please can you assist with checking my setup.
    We would also like some assistance on the following, please:
    – When creating a course the site has crashed and we are getting an error saying the site is not secure
    – We would like to create a student interface to attend lectures, complete assignments, submit the assignment/tests, etc
    – I would like to create/add students in bulk for different classes
    – Would like to add/create questions in bulk
    – Are there any additional plugins you would recommend to create a better site?

  21. Hi,

    My website has become very slow in terms of load speed(>19 secs)
    My web developer has done all the possible optimizations in order to increase the speed. Also my hosting provider has increased the server limits & cleared the cache. The theme seems to be affecting the load speed. Could you please help bring the loading time to under 1 sec.

  22. Hi
    There are some error on my website,
    Some of my users can’t get access to website, who has only I phone. Android users can get access to my website without problem.
    How can i fix it, please help me…
    Users said (who have I phone):
    When they are trying to get access to my web from i Phone, ”there are no permission to use it” this sentence appear on…

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