Integration with WC vendors plugin.


In this tutorial we’ll integrate WC Vendors plugins with WPLMS.

Environment :

Component : Version


WooCommerce : 2.5.5

WC Vendors : 1.9.0


Please follow these steps:

  1. Installation :
    • Go to wp-admin->plugins->add new.
    • Now search for wc vendors plugin.
    • Click on install Now
    • Activate the plugin.


  2. Adding code in customizer plugin:
    • Now go to wp-admin->plugins->editor.
    • Now select wplms customizer plugin.
    • Now add the below code in the wplms-customizer.php file before “?>”.


  3. Here is the code:
    function add_instructor_properties_to_vendors(){
      $caps = array ('delete_posts','delete_published_posts','edit_posts','manage_categories','edit_published_posts','publish_posts','read','upload_files','unfiltered_html','level_1');
      $role = get_role( 'vendor' );
      foreach ( $caps as $cap ){
        $role->add_cap( $cap );
  4. Now any user can go to vendor dashboard page and can apply for becoming a vendor, refer: 
  5. Approving the vendors:
    • Now admin can go to wp-admin->users.
    • Click on pending vendor.
    • Now approve the vendors individually or select all and bulk approve vendors.


  6. Now vendors can create their own courses and products which will appear in the shop page and vendors will get commission for it.
  7. For setting commission go to wp-admin->woocommerce->wc vendors->general and set the commission, refer: 

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