Introduction to WPLMS_Getresponse

What is WPLMS_Getresponse?

Wplms Getresponse works like Mailchimp used to create lists of the users in Getresponse. you can create lists of the users based on the courses they are subscribed to.


  1. Sync members to your site into the various lists.
  2. Enable subscription to the newsletter in BuddyPress registration.
  3. Enable subscription to the newsletter in Woo-Commerce Checkout.
  4. Auto Create course-specific lists for all the courses.
  5. Auto-sync course members into the lists according to the course subscription.
  6. Auto-add users to the course list on subscribe and remove on unsubscribe.
  7. Option to disable course-specific list.

Screenshot for the Setting:

Getresponse Settings:

  1. Create an account on Getresponce link:
  2. login to your account.
  3. Generate your API Key from here:

WPLMS Settings:

  1. Install and activate the WPLMS_Getresponse Plugin.
  2. Perform the following setting in LMS.
  3. Create your own list in Getresponse like this:
  4. Check the WPLMS setting and sync the users in the list like this

Working Process:

This will sync yours’ users, in the list in the Getresponse.

By Enabling this option in WPLMS>> LMS Setting:

will create all the list of the courses and add the students in course they are enrolled in: .


WPLMS GetResponse

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