Introduction to WPLMS_GROUNDHOGG

Introduction to WPLMS-Groundhogg:

Wplms-groundhogg integrates the Groundhogg Plugin with WPLMS. It enables the user to automatically create their own tags in groundhogg’s tags section.


  1. It enables the user to create their course-specific tags in the groundhogg.
  2. Assigns the users to the course-specific tags as per their subscription in the course.
  3. Automatically ADD/REMOVE users from the tags on course subscribe/unsubscribe.

Setup of Groundhogg:

  1. Install the Groundhogg plugin.
  2. Download link for Groundhogg Plugin:

Groundhogg Settings:

  1. Generate the API Keys(Public Key/Token/Secret Key).
  2. Enter the Public Key of Groundhogg in Groundhogg Public Key section and Token in Groundhogg Token section in LMS>>Settings>>Groundhogg.
  3. save the changes.

Working Process:

  1. Creating Course-specific Tags: by enabling this setting this will create course-specific tags in the Groundhogg>>Tags section.
  2. refer: and after tag creation in Groundhogg
  3. Auto-Subscribe/unsubscribe user on Course subscribe/unsubscribe: This will automatically assign users on course subscription and remove from the tag when removed from the course.

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  1. I can’t thank you enough for this. This looks really promising.

    A couple of requests for future:
    1. I haven’t yet tested the plugin but based on the description I am assuming that the user gets a tag in groundhogg based on the course they have subscribed for. It would be great if reverse was also possible, which means when a tag for a course is added to a user in groundhogg they get subscribed to the relevant course in wplms.
    2. WPLMS based benchmarks and actions for groundhogg funnels.
    Benchamark example, if user completes a course
    Options under benchmark “Course Name” and “% of course complete”

    Action example, Subscribe to course
    Options under Action “Course Name”


    Not able to pay for the plugin via paypal. Get an error “User doesn’t accept payment in your currency”.

    Is it possible to make a payment via alternative method?

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