Introduction to WPLMS_GROUNDHOGG

Introduction to WPLMS-Groundhogg:

Wplms-groundhogg integrates the Groundhogg Plugin with WPLMS. It enables the user to automatically create their own tags in groundhogg’s tags section.


  1. It enables the user to create their course-specific tags in the groundhogg.
  2. Assigns the users to the course-specific tags as per their subscription in the course.
  3. Automatically ADD/REMOVE users from the tags on course subscribe/unsubscribe.

Setup of Groundhogg:

  1. Install the Groundhogg plugin.
  2. Download link for Groundhogg Plugin:

Groundhogg Settings:

  1. Generate the API Keys(Public Key/Token/Secret Key).
  2. Enter the Public Key of Groundhogg in Groundhogg Public Key section and Token in Groundhogg Token section in LMS>>Settings>>Groundhogg.
  3. save the changes.

Working Process:

  1. Creating Course-specific Tags: by enabling this setting this will create course-specific tags in the Groundhogg>>Tags section.
  2. refer: and after tag creation in Groundhogg
  3. Auto-Subscribe/unsubscribe user on Course subscribe/unsubscribe: This will automatically assign users on course subscription and remove from the tag when removed from the course.

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