Multiple Start Dates for Course

If you’re planning to create a course with multiple start dates, then it is possible by using course batches.

Following are the steps which you need to follow :

a. Create multiple Course batches for the course.

b. In each of the batch settings, set a start date for each of the course batch.

c. Optionally, if you want all the users in course to be in a batch, edit the course and in course settings enable “Force


Video Walkthrough :

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  1. learner4life

    Thanks for the tip, but all the students would still be using the same course curriculum. After my support ticket, when I saw this article, for a second I thought it was possible to really have different batches.

    But what the current feature does is help a little bit in administering the batches better. It doesn’t really address the problem of teaching new batches new curriculum.

  2. Monalika Saha

    My ideal setup is Course 1, Course 2 with 3 batches each.
    On Event calendar I want to display all 6 dates. How do I link all batches from multiple courses to a calendar event on home page.

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