Quizzes on react

In wplms 3.9.7 we have migrated our quizzes to react framework.

Now wplms quizzes are faster, better ,touch support .



1 . IN order this to work please enable Api from wp-admin ->LMS-> settings -> Api .

2. You would need to update vibe course module , vibe customtypes and wplms theme to version 3.9.7 

3 . you might also need to add this line in your.htaccess file :

SetEnvIf Authorization .+ HTTP_AUTHORIZATION=$0

If above line does not work please change the above line to :

SetEnvIf Authorization .+ HTTP_AUTHORIZATION=$1

4. the setting ” In-Course Quiz questions per page ” will play no role in as there is new setting given in the quiz to set number of questions.Read below .



To start with All you need is to enable ” Enable React Quizzes ” from wp-admin -> lms -> settings :

This will enable a setting in each quiz to set number of questions to load on single as well as in in-course quiz :

the questions will load according to this setting in quiz .



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