Video vibe Wistia integration update 1.9.2

In Video vibe update 1.9.2 we have added integration with Wistia.

It works in same way as our vimeo integration .

Features : 

  1. Direct uploading of videos using wistia’s own uploader to wistia from wordpress add media popup .
  2. Single wistia account can be used by multiple instructors with privacy .
  3. Instructor privacy .
  4. Seek lock
  5. auto complete unit on video completion .

How to use : 

To start you need to generate an access token from your wistia account :

goto login to your account,then goto account -> Api access :

click on new token to generate a token and then set token nick name and then check all privileges to this token and then finally hit create token button :


Copy this token and then login to you website , goto wp-admin -> lms -> settings -> video vibe tab :

paste this copied token in the Wistia access token field :


Once this is added you will see the Wistia library tab in Add media popup  :




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  1. nemilio

    I bought VideoVide and Batches some years ago and both lifetime license doesn’t work anymore… Can you help me?

  2. elijah

    thank you for the post. i was able to follow every step except for the last one. The Wistia library tab never appeared for me. Where can I find it? I have several videos already in an existing Wistia project.

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