WPLMS Gift Course

WPLMS Gift Course is a WPLMS add-on for gifting the course to other users.

Features : 

  1. You can gift course to users by actually paying for them.
  2. You can gift course on behalf of other users also, like user1 can gift a course to user2 on behalf of user3.
  3. The gift recipient receives an email and can click on the email link to go directly to the course and start the course on the go.
  4. If the gift recipient is not a registered user on the website then after clicking on the course link in the email the user account is created, the user gets logged in and redirected to the course to start it simultaneously. This whole process is done automatically.
  5. You can gift a course multiple times also.

How to gift a course : 

  1. After installing and activating this plugin you can see a gift this course button on the course detials widget, refer: 
  2. Click on this button and you can see a gift course form to enter the details, refer:                                                                       
  3. Please enter your email, gift email and the message. The gift email is the email whom you want to gift this course, you can write any message you want to send them with the email.
  4. Now click on send as gift button to go to add it to the cart and then checkout normally.
  5. On the cart page you can see the product you are gifting to, a gift icon is shown followed by the email address you are gifting this product,  refer: 

NOTE : The course will be gifted to the user only when the order is completed.

Gift Email sent to the user:


The users can also see the gifts in their profile and check the status of the gift if its accepted by the user or not.

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