Instructor Premium Courses Feature

In version 1.5 we have added a major feature in WPLMS Woocommerce plugin, the feature is called “Instructor Premium Courses”. This feature allows instructor to pay for the number of courses they want to publish on the website.

If the website administrator chooses to enable this feature then the instructors on the website cannot publish courses until they pay for it.

NOTE : This feature is only for the front end course creation and course edit. Please make sure you disable the wp-admin area access for the instructors in order to use this feature.

User Flow :

  • The user registers on the website as an instructor.
  • Now the user creates a course from front end and while publishing the course the course is saved as a draft and a form appears to pay for number of courses they want to publish on the website.
  • The instructor pay through woocommerce checkout.
  • After the order is completed the user can publish the courses on website.

Steps to setup : 

  • The admin can enable this feature from the wp-admin -> LMS -> settings -> enable instructor premium courses, refer: 
  • Now in instructor premium courses tab the admin can set the price per course, refer: 
  • Done.
  • By default the form is shown when the instructor try to create a course and the instructor has not payed for the courses or his/her limit of the published course is reached.
  • There is also a shortcode which admin can use to create a page and add shortcode in it to show the form.
  • The shortcode is [wplms_premium_course_form]

How it works :

  • The form contains only one field in which the instructor has to fill the number of courses they want to publish on the website, refer: 
  • Now the instructor can click on buy courses button and purchase it through woocommerce.

The instructors can see the total number of courses they can publish and the total published courses by them in various places on the website.

  • Whenever the instructors updates a course, refer: 
  • The instructors can also see it in their dashboard, refer: For this the admin has to add the premium courses dashboard widget in the instructor sidebar.
  • The instructors can also see this count in the instructing courses title, refer: 


Administrators can also manage the instructor’s premium courses:

  • The admin can see all the instructors on the website in the LMS -> settings -> Instructor premium courses, refer: 
  • The admin can also manage them by manually updating the total courses of particular instructor, refer: 

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