WPLMS Plugin 1.3.2

Maintenance update

  1. [BugFix] Apply for course not working
  2. [Bugfix] Manual completion of assignment from course admin does not complete assignment
  3. [Update] Instructor Quiz remarks now visible in Evaluated Quizzes
  4. [Bugfix] Auto scroll to top when unit switches
  5. [Bugfix] Hide courses not working
  6. [Bugfix] Pmpro membership not showing complete data
  7. [Bugfix] Search not working in Course status
  8. [Bugfix] Shortcodes not working when course status loaded from course button
  9. [Bugfix] WPLMS Active message appears randomly
  10. [Update] Question tags added in WP admin – LMS
  11. [bugfix] Pmpro membership expired still gives access to user’s courses
  12. [bugfix] Video in quiz answer explanations not playing.
  13. [bugfix] Members directory checkbox filter not working
  14. [bugfix] Provision to change Unit duration into hours.

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