WPLMS Theme 4.097 WPLMS plugin VibeBP


  1. [Fixed ] WP 5.6 fix for options panel fields.
  2. [Fixed] Requirements updated in setup wizard
  3. [Updated] Force reload course page on order completion to avoid browser from caching the page.

WPLMS Plugin

  1. [Bug] Edit post opens member card
  2. [Bug] Create course tooltips not correctly located
  3. [Bug] Special characters in curriculum
  4. [Update] Numbering provision for practice questions
  5. [Update] Gutenberg updates for course layouts


  1. [ ADDED] Gutenberg blocks for building course layouts & cards
  2. [ADDED] Elementor course codes block
  3. [Added] Assign Quiz feature
  4. [Added] Unanswered/Answered Comments appear in Manage courses – Discussions tab
  5. [Updated] Question bar in quiz questions
  6. [Added] Course code elementor block added.
  7. [Bug] Flickoty carousel width in mobile.
  8. [Bug] Vibe shortcode builder fix for WP 5.6
  9. [Bug] End case correction, force set 100% progress on course completion.
  10. [Bug] Select drop down, multiple select not showing selected options
  11. [Bug] Remove theme name in order
  12. [Bug] Spelling corrections
  13. [Bug] Update student count on recalculate course stats
  14. [Bug] Quiz questions in Object format instead of array old quizzes
  15. [Updated] Course progress widget links to course in pwa
  16. [Bug] PHP Warning on empty meta for quizzes
  17. [Update] Remove warning in non-wplms setup “wplms not active” if purchase code validated
  18. [Update] Relabel elementor widget to show certificates and badges in profiles. “Member achievements”
  19. [Update] Curriculum shortocde now includes CSS for third party themes.
  20. [Bug] Default avatar from wplms_plugin if WPLMS theme not found
  21. [Updated] Custom Tab added in Media tab
  22. [Bug] Fillblank minimum width set.


  1. [Update] Gutenberg enabled for profiles & cards
  2. [Fix] Editor tabs component space converted into p tag. Class added for additional handling.


  1. [ADDED] Gutenberg blocks for building member profiles and cards
  2. [ADDED] Gutenberg blocks for building group layouts & cards
  3. [Added ] Gutenberg blocks for Directories, member and directories.
  4. [UPDATED] Firebase authenticated sessions, remove insecure rules warning
  5. [Updated] Add a user object in browser session.
  6. [Updated] VibeBP compatibility with third party themes.
  7. [Updated] Editor fixes
  8. [Updated] Refresh token added for improving login system.
  9. [Updated] ATtachment data
  10. [Updated] PWA appearance in admin-bar case in third party themes
  11. [Updated] Show error when failed login

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