WPLMS Theme 4.097 WPLMS plugin VibeBP


  1. [Fixed ] WP 5.6 fix for options panel fields.
  2. [Fixed] Requirements updated in setup wizard
  3. [Updated] Force reload course page on order completion to avoid browser from caching the page.

WPLMS Plugin

  1. [Bug] Edit post opens member card
  2. [Bug] Create course tooltips not correctly located
  3. [Bug] Special characters in curriculum
  4. [Update] Numbering provision for practice questions
  5. [Update] Gutenberg updates for course layouts


  1. [ ADDED] Gutenberg blocks for building course layouts & cards
  2. [ADDED] Elementor course codes block
  3. [Added] Assign Quiz feature
  4. [Added] Unanswered/Answered Comments appear in Manage courses – Discussions tab
  5. [Updated] Question bar in quiz questions
  6. [Added] Course code elementor block added.
  7. [Bug] Flickoty carousel width in mobile.
  8. [Bug] Vibe shortcode builder fix for WP 5.6
  9. [Bug] End case correction, force set 100% progress on course completion.
  10. [Bug] Select drop down, multiple select not showing selected options
  11. [Bug] Remove theme name in order
  12. [Bug] Spelling corrections
  13. [Bug] Update student count on recalculate course stats
  14. [Bug] Quiz questions in Object format instead of array old quizzes
  15. [Updated] Course progress widget links to course in pwa
  16. [Bug] PHP Warning on empty meta for quizzes
  17. [Update] Remove warning in non-wplms setup “wplms not active” if purchase code validated
  18. [Update] Relabel elementor widget to show certificates and badges in profiles. “Member achievements”
  19. [Update] Curriculum shortocde now includes CSS for third party themes.
  20. [Bug] Default avatar from wplms_plugin if WPLMS theme not found
  21. [Updated] Custom Tab added in Media tab
  22. [Bug] Fillblank minimum width set.


  1. [Update] Gutenberg enabled for profiles & cards
  2. [Fix] Editor tabs component space converted into p tag. Class added for additional handling.


  1. [ADDED] Gutenberg blocks for building member profiles and cards
  2. [ADDED] Gutenberg blocks for building group layouts & cards
  3. [Added ] Gutenberg blocks for Directories, member and directories.
  4. [UPDATED] Firebase authenticated sessions, remove insecure rules warning
  5. [Updated] Add a user object in browser session.
  6. [Updated] VibeBP compatibility with third party themes.
  7. [Updated] Editor fixes
  8. [Updated] Refresh token added for improving login system.
  9. [Updated] ATtachment data
  10. [Updated] PWA appearance in admin-bar case in third party themes
  11. [Updated] Show error when failed login

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  1. aj408401

    Authenticate and Setup Updates
    When Continue Option selected
    Struck at ‘Authenticate and Setup Updates’, I’m getting only a blank screen.
    When Authenticate is selcted with Envato user name and code
    Getting error “Sorry, we’re doing some work on the site
    Thank you for being patient. We are doing some work on the site and will be back shortly.”

    Struck at installation, what to do

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