Wplms Videotube (Videoencrypt)

How to protect my video added on my website?

This is one the most common question we were asked recently .

So we came up with a solution.

Features : 

  1. Directly encrypt video from wordpress media library add media popup .
  2. Each decided segment of video encrypted with different key ,i.e. multiple keys used
  3. No load on server while uploading a video or encryption .
  4. No limit on video size .
  5. Multiple privacy options for video such as : logged in , course students , instructors only , selected users only .
  6. One Unified player for all kind of videos ,local videos(uploaded to media library, from youtube , from wistia , encrypted video url ) .
  7. Multiple options to customize player for each video like seek lock , hide show volume control .
  8. All videos resumed where left(on one machine) .

How to use : 

To start you will need to purchase the encryption quota from Videoencrypt.com which you can purchase here :

Video encryption 1Gb

Once purchased it will automatically create your account on Videoencrypt.com and you will be automatically logged in (if not due to some kinda error then you can check your email for account credentials ) .

Now  you have to generate an api key which can be generated here :



Once you generate your api key please login to your site .

Install the Wplms Videotube plugin which can be downloaded from here :




After installing the plugin .You will quickly need to setup the api key to enable the encryption of videos from videoencrypt.com .

To set it please copy the api key you got from https://videoencrypt.com/api page and then goto your site -> wp-admin -> lms -> settings -> Videotube settings -> Videoencrypt api key :



That’s it you are ready to roll.

You will see a ” Upload for encryption ” button in the media popup media details container :

upload for encryption button in media popup


Now once you will click on the upload for encryption , the file will read from server by chunks and then sent to videoencrypt .So this might take some to upload the video .

Once video is uploaded to videoencrypt.com server it will be added to queue (encryption queue on videoencrypt.com) for processing .

It might take some time to encrypt the video fully on videoencrypt.com .

you can check your video status by hitting on the “Check Status” button  :

When your video file is completely processed by our server ,the check status will turn to : “Download Now” button :


now hit the Download now button to get your encrypted file .

once the file is downloaded you will see some settings to set the video privacy


  Privacy settings : 

All users : video will be loaded for all users .

Logged in users : video will be loaded for only logged in users ..

Course Students : Video will be loaded for specific course students only .

Selected Users : Video will be loaded for specific users only .


After setting privacy please reload the page to see your newly encrypted video in wordpress media library :




now you can copy the video link and can embed it anywhere using videotube shortcode .





To enable seek lock for this video simply add seek=”0″ in this shortcode .


[videotube seek=”0″]http://localhost/wplms/wp-content/uploads/videotube_encrypted_videos/1/httplocalhostwplmswp-contentuploads201906videoplayback-1mp4/httplocalhostwplmswp-contentuploads201906videoplayback-1mp4_master.m3u8[/videotube]


result of the shortcode :





You can download the videotube plugin for free from here :

and free 50MB of space here : https://videoencrypt.com/downloads/50-mb-free-encryption-quota/



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  1. Deewai48

    After encrypting the video can a different video player be used? The videotube player that comes with video encrypt isn’t very responsive. No indication of a video loading and is also very slow.
    Please an alternative will be highly appreciated.
    Also encrypting videos takes a lot of time and failed videos can’t be re-queued.

    1. Alex

      Well the video is encrypted in HLS format .so any player which can play ecnrypted videos can be used here .
      The player is not slow , its actually the decryption and loading the appropriate resources that is taking time.
      Well we have updated out algorithm for encryption to prevent the fails.We added a fallback for this .
      It works absolutely fine now.

      1. richelle


        Is this still an option to encrypt videos?

        When I press on the links I get a blank page and can’t see what the pricing is per conversion etc.

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