5 Ways To Boost The Retention Of Learners From Your eLearning

Do you want to increase learning retention of learners?

eLearning courses can boost retention rates to a great extent when compared to instructor led training.

According to a report, only 60% of online learners are able to apply new skills and can retain what they learn from online courses.

In this article, we will discuss the 5 ways that you can use to boost the learning retention of learners from your eLearning courses.

Create Assessment For Retention Of Learners

While developing an eLearning course for retention of learners or hosting a webinar-based training session for your learners try to create an assessment for your learners. Providing assessment and practice questions based on your eLearning module provides an opportunity for learners to find out what they are learning and how they can apply it in real-life scenarios. Providing skill practice sets to the learners helps you to increase their retention rate and give them a clear objective of learning.

Use Learning Journals During Your Training

Remember the days when “Learning journals” were mostly used by the teachers in the school to focus on the main learning points. Writing down the information in our notebook we used to retain it. Learning journals has made our learning easier and using this learning journal for your learners, you can also increase the retention of the learners. This will help your learners in finding what they are learning and can make connections between the lessons. Learning journals attract the attention of the learners and help them to focus on learning.

Create Quizzes, MCQ, And Puzzle

Creating quizzes, MCQs, and Puzzles is a common way to increase the retention of learners. Providing quizzes helps the learners to assess their knowledge and helps them in determining how well they have learned through the courses. While MCQs and puzzles help them to implement the learned lesson easily. Asking meaningful questions to the learners enables them to think about how they can apply the information. This way quizzes, MCQs, and puzzles help them to use the information they learned and increase their retention rate.

Incorporate Social Learning In Your Training

In this age of social networking, everyone is more social and wants the same while learning. Corporate employees who want to learn through eLearning courses can easily engage through social sites to gain extra skills and knowledge apart from their job. Social platforms can be easily used to create discussion boards and groups can be created to influence the learning of the learners. Creating groups and discussing various doubts on social sites can increase their retention of learners to a great extent.

Setup A Follow-Up Session After Training

Trends of eLearning are changing and following the latest trend of interacting with your learners can make you more successful. Setting up a follow-up with your learners who are enrolled in your courses is a way to influence them and make them feel more comfortable while learning through your courses. Try different approaches such as sending them Email to be in touch with your learners. This will encourage them and will help you in finding the effectiveness of your eLearning course.


In this article, I have shared the 5 ways that can help you in increasing the retention rate of your learners. Besides these, there are many other factors that can influence the retention rate of your learners. Providing practice skills in the learning environment is one way to increase the retention rate.

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