ChatGPT powered Questions Generator

WPLMS is one of the most advanced LMS on WordPress and web. Last week we released one of our most exciting features that is an AI powered questions generator. Now this is just the start of the features we have lined up using the innovative AI Technologies available today. This powerful tool harnesses the capabilities of the GPT-3.5 language model, created by OpenAI, to generate insightful and contextually relevant questions.

AI in content generation has been available for ages, until the launch of ChatGPT it was almost impractical to democratise AI in regular usage. The hosting & processing costs of AI are huge even for the simplest tasks it was impractical to setup an AI server. Luckily this is solved by ChatGPT. With a simple API chatGPT helps softwares like our to incorporate complex AI problem solving techniques into our program.

Our approach towards AI has been towards identifying real issues and solving real problems. While content generation using AI is a natural medium, it is really a helper tool for the instructors to re-articulate the content they intend to teach. One of the issues is that Instructors need AI help in generating questions.

See Video.

June 14, 2023
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