Reply To: No content showing in app


Well you can try using this solution on your webserver :  Also make sure that your config.xml contains this line : <access origin="*" />   Also make sure that these cordova plugins are added into your ionic project : cordova-plugin-camera 3.0.0 "Camera" cordova-plugin-console 1.1.0 "Console" cordova-plugin-device 1.1.4 "Device" cordova-plugin-facebook4 1.7.4 "Facebook Connect" cordova-plugin-file 5.0.0 "File" cordova-plugin-file-transfer 1.7.0 "File Transfer" cordova-plugin-googleplus 5.1.1 "Google SignIn" cordova-plugin-inappbrowser 1.7.2 "InAppBrowser" cordova-plugin-inapppurchase 1.1.0 "In App Purchase" cordova-plugin-ionic-webview 1.1.16 "cordova-plugin-ionic-webview" cordova-plugin-ios-non-exempt-encryption 1.0.0 "ITSAppUsesNonExemptEncryption false" cordova-plugin-splashscreen 4.0.3 "Splashscreen" cordova-plugin-statusbar 2.3.0 "StatusBar" cordova-plugin-whitelist 1.3.1 "Whitelist" cordova-sqlite-storage 2.0.4 "Cordova sqlite storage plugin"   ionic-plugin-keyboard 2.2.1 "Keyboard"     command to check installed plugins : cordova plugin list   command to add plugin : cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-{plugin_name} eg: cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-whitelist  
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