Reply To: compatibility with Pie & development roadmap




The basic cost is $19.If there’s any customization please list it.

Name of your app

To build your app we would need  :

1. an icon image with size 2732 X 2732

2. a main_logo image of any size

3. a splash image with size 2732 X 2732 .

Icon image is the app icon for mobile.


And splash image is the image which shows up while the app is loading in the beginning .you might have seen it on our demo app:

main_logo image has appeared when you click on the home button check this:

And also all the images should be in the format of png.

And share your source folder.

also if you want to add live chat in your app then you have to create an app here: and make my id as admin: [email protected]

and also if anything i want from your side then i will let you know.