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Hi, sorry for the delayed reply. I was able to test the app. Here are my feedbacks.

1) when the app is opened in a landscape view, it doesn’t show the the logo in the opening screen entirely.

2)Most of the categories in the categories section are not available in the home page.

3)Can we apply a Collapse and expandable effect to the left pane in which it slide out when needed and slide in when the left pane is not needed(this issue is only seen in tablet devices)

4)Is it possible to add more colorful wallpapers in the app?

5)When the free option is selected to watch a course, the system gives a message telling us to login. However, the time limit for the message is a short period of time. I would like to have the time limit for that message to be extended up to 10 seconds.

6) I would like to get Google and Facebook registration fixed when the customer is going to login or register himself.

7)I would like to have the course shown in top of the home page removed and being replaced by a picture.

8) The courses displayed in the home page have only shown half of the image that represents each course out of the entire image . I would like each course to be represented by the entire image.

9)A issue has been noticed in the timer given in assignments in every course.

10) An HTML appears on top of the questions in the Quiz and that has caused a issue to proceed to the next question.But in the web these issues cannot be seen.