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Hello Send your  App customization topic. And also for The IOS:In android Apk file can be generated and tested on multiple devices because android provides the option to install applications from unknown sources but apple does not.In the case of Ios, you would need to setup ionic on your own mac where you can attach your Ios device on mac and can directly install to test it.But as per this customization you have ordered you do not have the ionic setup at your end.IT is on our end and we do not have your device at the moment.So as a solution we usually add your developer account details on our mac device Xcode(an application to publish apps for Ios ). Then we can generate and publish your app under your account in test flight mode. After this, you can test the app generated by us on your device.So, to be able to test it on Ios you would need a developer account on with approved enrollment into their development program which is  $99/year.If you already have one then please share with us in private reply.refer :