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APK file generated but not functional fully…

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    Vipul Sharma

    Hi Team,

    I could generate the apk file and installed on my phone. It is working but with following problems:

    1. Course Directory is Empty.

    2. Course Start button not showing up. Student (after logging in) not able to start the course.

    3. Quizzes not working.

    4. Student registration is automatic without any verification / activation email as set in the site.

    Please look into and suggest.


    Vipul Sharma

    @ Rageb: Have you intentionally marked the reply private?



    Hi im sorry for the delay in reply ,

    It looks like @ Rageb seems to post reply here accidentally . 

    Please share your site url and admin credentials here in private reply to check the issues quickly on my setup .



    Vipul Sharma
    This reply has been marked as private.


    Hi if you want us to customize the app for you then please reply over here



    As you know that the wplms app on codecanyon is a ionic project . You have to customize it if you have knowledge of ionic, angular ,scss etc .

    If you order us your customization that we will do all this under paid customization .

    refer these docs to change all that :https://ionicframework.com/docs/ 

    We will try to create a course for that too .

    If you do not have much knowledge about it then I would like to ask you to order customization . cost of it depends upon your requirements . Basic cost is $19 .



    While we can help you with all the bugs you are getting .

    4. yes the shortcode support has not been added in app .Only a few wplms shortcodes are made app compatible as of now . it includes wordpress video shortcode ,wplms_vimeo shortcode .,iframevideo, iframe ,wplms_h5p  .

    5. Please share your site url and admin credentials here in private reply to check the issues quickly on my setup .

    6. Well the login form is actually profile page with rest of the content hidden ,so it is not actually possible to redirect the user to same page  .

    7. for that editing of home source code will be required .

    what kind of blocks you want to add .

    8. Quizzes not working :

    Please make sure that you have some content in your quizzes :

    a. im sorry showing only quizzes is not available in app right now .

    b. this is planned features .We are adding this in upcoming updates of wplms app.

    c. True false works as expected .I will check the case matching thing and will get back to you .

    d. well that should hide the check answer button .Guess the css was not added porperly .try to add it in the end .

    e. im sorry this is also not available as of now in app .Will be adding this in future updates .

    f. this can be changes with a little bit of editing in code . Just add the text instead of the icon there in course-status.ts file in src/pages/course-status folder .

    g. need to check this at your end .unable to replicate at my end .


    9 . to remove sample product refer  : http://prntscr.com/knp8e1 


    10. from where?

    11. you can add your custom css in src/theme/variable.scss , you can change the values of primary color secondary color in that file .


    12. Okay to remove that edit the tabs/tabs.html file : http://prntscr.com/knpa5o 


    13. not explicable at our end . please share a video or screenshot to replicate the issue .


    14. well we are working on it .




    Vipul Sharma

    Hi Alex, thanks for detailed reply!

    1. I really don’t mind in spending another $19 for such a nice app if all the bugs I am facing are remove. Will you share with me the full source code or just the apk?

    2. What if I need some more customization in future?

    3. Will the future updates in the app like push notification etc. shall automatically updated?




    1.I will share all the files with whole ionic setup .

    2. for app updates : Well you can simply order an update request here .If update request is received within 30 days since app delivered then it will be free of cost otherwise it will be half of the customization cost.

    3. nope you would need to put update request first .

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