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App displays Cannot GET error

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    [email protected]

    I purchased your app and I am having an issue with it – when I run “ionic serve”, it fails to compile and displays error “Cannot GET”. I have sent an email and was directed to open a request here also.

    I followed the tutorials in your documentation so I am lost as to why it won’t run. How do I solve this?




    Share your proper screenshot for the error.

    And this will because of the setup will not be done properly.

    For this just follow this document https://bit.ly/3bElKLg




    If you follow the above customization documentation then the setup will be done properly.

    NO problem if you get the error in the setup then share your teamviewer id and password, I am trying to setup the ionic in your system don’t worry about this.

    Also if you do not want to customize the app by your own then just create a customization request here: https://wplms.io/forums/forum/app-customisation/

    Share the details in private reply.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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