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facebook, google plus error

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    [11:27:11]  typescript: C:/Users/Rushan/Desktop/ionic/myApp/src/services/authentication.ts, line: 49

    Cannot find name ‘Facebook’.


    L48:  private config:ConfigService,

    L49:  public fb: Facebook,

    L50:  public loadingCtrl:LoadingController,


    [11:27:11]  typescript: C:/Users/Rushan/Desktop/ionic/myApp/src/services/authentication.ts, line: 53

    Cannot find name ‘GooglePlus’.


    L52:  private iab:InAppBrowser,

    L53:  private googlePlus: GooglePlus

    L54:  ) {

    i have received above error can you helpme to solve this issues when try to add those files through cmd that giving error.



    Please run these commands in your ionic project where your src folder is :

    npm install –save @ionic-native/google-plus



    npm install –save @ionic-native/facebook

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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