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#HELP me, Updated version of the app /I need the apk

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    La Facu
    Hello.   I have problems compiling the app It throws errors of all kinds, I show errors of obsolete version in various parts of the code 'src'. I have searched without success to lift the application. Please, you have some updated procedure. I have done the courses (including the steps on YouTube). Maybe you have the application available with updated new code to the new ionic-angular node environment Ionic Framework: ionic-angular 3.9.6 @ionic/app-scripts: 3.2.4 Angular Core: 8.0.0 NodeJs. v10.16.0 npm: 6.9.0 cordova cli: 9.0.0 ([email protected]) I've been adapting the programming environment for hours. This with everything necessary but throws errors. I need the app to work in order to use it. Do you have a way to compile my app ??? I need the apk file to google play store and start working. Please, help me!! best regards la facu

    Hey for that refer this course https://wplms.io/course/getting-started-with-wplms-mobile-app/ and also match the plugin of this course, if your plugin is not same as course then for building app command "ionic cordova build android" get stuck so for generating the apk please follow this course.
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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