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iwan trisna’s – Customisation request

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    Iwan Trisna
    Hi, Basic Requirements:
    1. Change logo
    2. Change Icon and Splash screen
    3. Change Basic Color Settings
    4. Translation Strings
    5. Change Tabs
    6. Change App Menu
    7. Remove Profile Tabs
    8. Google Login (Custom Google project)
    9. Facebook Login (Custom FB App)

    Iwan Trisna
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    The basic cost is $19.If there's any customization please list it.

    Name of your app

    To build your app we would need  :

    1. an icon image with size 2732 X 2732

    2. a main_logo image of any size

    3. a splash image with size 2732 X 2732 .

    Icon image is the app icon for mobile.


    And splash image is the image which shows up while the app is loading in the beginning .you might have seen it on our demo app: http://prntscr.com/hb4yup

    main_logo image appears when you click on the home button check this: https://prnt.sc/nua0n1

    All the images should be in the format of png.

    4. If you want Facebook login then please provide Facebook app id, Facebook secret key, build id,google play package name.

    refer this link to generate api key and username: https://ionicframework.com/docs/native/facebook/

    If you are finding difficulties in generating the keys please provide your Facebook login credentials, we will generate them for you (there will be extra $10 charges for this) .

    5. Do you want app for iOS and android both ?

    6. Please share some details on which strings you need to translate?

    7. If you want google login then please provide google app id , google reverse secret key ,build id ,google play package name .

    refer this link to generate api key and username : https://ionicframework.com/docs/native/google-plus/


    I would also need the following things :

    Please first try our demo app on playstore (link) .

    App into texts changes.

    Please provide the document or something to change the app intro texts .


    If there are any translations  :

    There you can see all the strings that are shown in-app to get a better idea of what are all the strings about.

    then please download this text file and edit and put all your translations in it: http://bit.ly/2Ps5Yum

    Contact page information.

    Please complete the payment of $19 on [email protected] on Paypal .

    Instamojo link : https://imjo.in/9Jw5Ca


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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