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Problems installing necessary packages

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    J. Gavilan
    I’ve followed all the steps but my app does not load on the browswer. I have used the prompt comand to input all the commands you list above in this unit but after doing it and running again the “ionic serve” command I get all this error lines: c:\Windows\System32\wplms>ionic serve
    Starting app-scripts server: –address –port 8100 –livereload-port
    35729 –dev-logger-port 53703 –nobrowser – Ctrl+C to cancel
    [17:38:58] watch started …
    [17:38:58] build dev started …
    [17:38:58] clean started …
    [17:38:58] clean finished in 3 ms
    [17:38:58] copy started …
    [17:38:58] deeplinks started …
    [17:38:58] deeplinks finished in 217 ms
    [17:38:58] transpile started …
    [17:39:02] typescript: …:/Windows/System32/wplms/node_modules/videogular2/nod
    e_modules/rxjs/Subject.d.ts, line: 16
    Class ‘Subject’ incorrectly extends base class ‘Observable’. T
    ypes of property ‘lift’ are
    incompatible. Type ‘(operator: Operator) => Observable’
    is not assignable to type ‘(operator:
    Operator) => Observable’. Type ‘Observable’ is not assig
    nable to type ‘Observable’. Type ‘T’
    is not assignable to type ‘R’. L16: export declare class Subject extends Observable implements ISu
    bscription {
    L17: observers: Observer[]; [17:39:02] typescript: c:/Windows/System32/wplms/src/components/question/questi
    on.ts, line: 26
    Cannot find name ‘DragulaService’. L25: constructor(private config:ConfigService,
    L26: private dragulaService: DragulaService) { [17:39:02] typescript: c:/Windows/System32/wplms/src/services/authentication.ts
    , line: 49
    Cannot find name ‘Facebook’. L48: private config:ConfigService,
    L49: public fb: Facebook,
    L50: public loadingCtrl:LoadingController, [17:39:02] typescript: c:/Windows/System32/wplms/src/services/authentication.ts
    , line: 53
    Cannot find name ‘GooglePlus’. L52: private iab:InAppBrowser,
    L53: private googlePlus: GooglePlus
    L54: ) { [17:39:02] typescript: c:/Windows/System32/wplms/src/services/users.ts, line: 3
    Cannot find name ‘TransferObject’. L36: isloggedin: boolean=false;
    L37: file_transfer: TransferObject = this.transfer.create(); [17:39:02] typescript: c:/Windows/System32/wplms/src/services/users.ts, line: 5
    Cannot find name ‘Transfer’. L55: private activityService:ActivityService,
    L56: private transfer: Transfer) { [17:39:02] dev server running: http://localhost:8100/ [OK] Development server running!
    Local: http://localhost:8100
    DevApp: [email protected] on RCW10P021 c:\Windows\System32\wplms> Any suggestion, I get these errors every time I run the ionic serve command (obviously I do run it inside the correct folder). I haven’t even been able to even see how the app looks, nothing is loaded in the browser, I mean the command does not even launch any browser window. Could you please suggest any possible solution? Many thanks in advance.

    Its a typescript issue :
    Navigate to your ionic project  folder and then please try running this command in your terminal : npm install [email protected]

    J. Gavilan
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    apologies for the delayed response . Please try running these two commands :
    npm install --save [email protected]
    npm install --save [email protected]

    J. Gavilan
    Hi Alex, After doing that should I run the commands listed in the Unit?

    yup in your ionic project folder  run those two commands :
    npm install –save [email protected]
    npm install –save [email protected]
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