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Quiz in app not saving answer

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    Hilman Fajrian
    All quiz answer submitted in app not recorder, but score/mark calculated. It raises difficulties to track student's answers. Refer this: I got scored 65 in app https://prnt.sc/mqs3ca That score appears on instructor admin panel. Cool. https://prnt.sc/mqs3od But the answer not recorded https://prnt.sc/mqs48i And total score is 0 https://prnt.sc/mqs4k9   FYI, the comment of each question is enabled. Meanwhile, it works well if I submitted quiz via web. Refer this: Got 40 via web https://prnt.sc/mqs58i Answers are recorded. Cool. https://prnt.sc/mqs5i2 Since I release my app to market, students starting to adopt the app. So I need to resolve all issue on app. Need help to fix this. Thanks.  

    Hilman Fajrian
    May I have any attentions to this issue?

    yes this is an issue right now . We are caching the results of the user in activity meta table and same is updated once the user submits quiz .We need to actually add the comment of the user for the question (which is not happening currently right now ). We will be working on it and will try to resolve this in api itself and not in the app code .    

    Hilman Fajrian
    @Alex Thanks for confirming. No problem. I only need to know if it's the issue at my end or WPLMS core code.
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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