Four Benefits Of Adopting An HTML5 eLearning Authoring Tools

Providing online courses to mobile learners is always a challenge for course developers and online trainers.

When Adobe announced the shutdown of the Flash player, most browsers stopped their support for Flash, many course developers adopted the HTML5 authoring tool for their eLearning courses. 

HTML5 authoring tools deliver your eLearning courses on the latest browsers seamlessly and meet the expectations of modern learners.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of adopting an HTML5 eLearning authoring tool that will solve all your problems.

How HTML5 Authoring Tool Enhances eLearning Courses

Many course developers are still using the flash supported browser to deliver their eLearning courses. Since these courses are old and learners can not access them on their mobile devices and tablets. Converting such old flash supported courses to HTML5 is one of the most popular ways to modernize your eLearning courses. 

This will help you in meeting learner’s expectations and providing them a course that they can access on any device. Now, let’s dive in to see the four benefits that can make you go for the HTML5 authoring tool for your eLearning courses.

Responsive Design

HTML5 authoring tools meet the modern-day learning of the learners. Today eLearning courses are not limited to the desk, learners are easily accessing eLearning courses on their mobile devices and tablets. This type of authoring tool is capable of meeting modern learner’s demands. 

HTML5 authoring tools make your courses more responsive and mobile-friendly so that the learners can access your eLearning courses. It modernizes your traditional instructor-led courses in a more responsive way.

Easily Accessible And Auto Update

Forget the old days when learners had to stick with the desk to gain knowledge. The great advantage of an HTML5 eLearning authoring tool is that it can be easily accessible from anywhere, at any time, and from any device. Adapting to the SaaS model, it is easily accessible on any device to enhance the learning.

Cloud-based authoring tools like- WPLMS provides responsive course development tools and regular updates to meet the next generation learning. You will be benefited from every single update of the software, almost instantly.

Enhanced Tracking Capabilities

Traditional reporting and analytic capabilities can only provide limited information to measure the impact of eLearning courses. With the advancement in technology, modern HTML5 eLearning authoring tools use the power of xAPI to generate rich analytics of your eLearning courses. 

It helps you in measuring the performance of your eLearning courses and makes your eLearning business successful. It helps you to be future-ready by measuring the various trends amongst other eLearning trends.

Libraries Of Contents

An HTML5 eLearning authoring tool like- WPLMS contains libraries of content so that you can easily drag and drop your courses over there. You can use various inbuilt games, quizzes, question suggestions, batches, leaderboard, etc. with your courses quickly and easily.

Choose from a variety of demos, graphics, and characters for your courses to make it more enhancing and engaging. Thus, it provides more power to the instructional designers and online trainers to engage their learners with their courses without having any technical skills of coding or web development.


I hope this article has helped you in deciding why you should prefer HTML5 authoring tools for your eLearning courses. If you want to dig deep towards more possibilities then HTML5 authoring tools is a way to adapt your training content to the newest eLearning trends.

Give WPLMS a try if you are looking for a cost-effective tool. Finally, don’t make your learners necessarily fit for the courses instead let them complete at their convenience.

To Learn More On How To Convert Flash To HTML5 :

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