How AI can empower eLearning Into Social Learning

In this social age, remote training always looks insufficient to the learners.

The L&D team always looks for a better way to engage the learners throughout the training.

Artificial intelligence helps in delivering effective eLearning courses and turns your training into social learning.

In this article, we will discuss how artificial intelligence enhances your training and makes it social for the learners.

Artificial Intelligence Socialise Your eLearning

Adding a touch of “social” whether it is eLearning or anything can make it popular among the audience. This is because today’s generation of the audience spent a lot of time on the social media platform and are becoming more social. Social media platforms are changing the way learners learn and access the training.  

Artificial intelligence analyzes learners’ social profiles and tracks the way a learner comments and reacts on social platforms. This is achieved when a learner successfully integrates their social profile with AI-powered LMS. Artificial intelligence makes your eLearning or online training according to their profile and creates networks of like-minded learners who support each other through common learning challenges.

AI-Powered Social Learning Assist Learners

AI is used in the eLearning/online training to act as an assistant to the learners. AI-powered social learning courses have set the concept of student-centered learning using the latest technology. AI easily caters to the learning styles of the learners and also delivers the training based on the skills, behavior, and temperaments of learning. This works best for the learners who couldn’t learn through traditional classroom training or don’t have enough time to learn extra skills. AI helps learners to provide necessary guidance to students, answer their questions, and solve their queries.

Social Learning Makes Learning Personalised

AI personalizes the eLearning on the basis of data analyzed by the learners. The level of personalization depends upon the quality of the data analyzed by the AI-powered LMS. Thus, personalized social courses/training can be provided to the learners in accordance with their needs, interests as well as short-term and long-term goals. This helps the learners to access an immense learning program that is easy to concentrate and learn.

Social Learning Encourage Engagement

A higher rate of engagement is natural when your courses are social and personalized according to the learners. Artificial intelligence not only socializes learning but also facilitates the learning path that makes learning easy and eliminates frustration. Learners easily thrive in the learning environment through social learning programs with a higher rate of engagement. Thus, AI with social learning makes it possible to motivate and engage the learners.

Anytime Anywhere Social Learning

AI-powered eLearning platforms allow learners to access social training anytime and from anywhere. AI easily combines personalized learning through social sites and makes it possible for learners to access the training courses from anywhere and at any given moment. Thus, social learning with an adaptive learning environment enables self-paced learning and increases the productivity of the learners.


Artificial intelligence is the future of eLearning. It is creating waves by making your eLearning more adaptive and social for the learners, personalising courses, assisting learners in real-time, increasing engagement rate with 24/7 availability. If you want to make your eLearning social then join hands with the WPLMS AI-powered eLearning platform today.

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