How To Choose An LMS For A Better Training

Are you still facing difficulty in managing your training programs?

As an online course developer, it becomes easy to deliver your courses when you have a good LMS.

The learning management system helps in delivering better training and organize skill development.

In this post, we will see the list of features that are essential while choosing an LMS that will help you in delivering better training. 

Features To Look For While Choosing An LMS

With over thousands of this available in the market, finding a Learning management system that fits best for your requirement is a tough task. The price does not guarantee the availability of features in an LMS. You have to find out the list of specific characteristics that will help you in making better decisions.

Let’s Dive In,

Ease Of Course Creation

The first and important factor for which you can look for the ease in course creation in the Learning Management System. Most of the LMS does not include a course creation module and some require you to bring your content, which means that you have to create videos and other content in a separate system.

Consider a Learning Management System that has inbuilt course creation features that can help you in organizing your content. It will save you time and streamline your processes.

Great User Experience

Many eLearning professionals are not satisfied with their LMS. Online eLearning training has the potential to reduce training time up to 40%, but the complicated user interface and the difficulty in use have made it impossible. 

While deciding a good LMS for your training make sure that the LMS software is effortless to install, easy to use and maintain. It should have smooth logging in, ease in accessing courses, and should provide a better learning experience to the learners.

LMS Promotes Mobile Learning

Today is the age of self-paced learning, more and more learners are using their mobile devices to access eLearning courses. Many learners take training courses as per their terms and convenience. Learners can participate in your training from any location using mobile devices.

Choose an LMS which is mobile compatible and has a responsive design. It helps in smooth browsing over mobile devices. An LMS with a native mobile app can increase the engagement rates and retain knowledge for a longer time.

Personalization And Gamification

Modern-day eLearning is all about personalization and gamification. Personalized learning considers a few more things about the learners, their fields of expertise, unique learning styles, preferences, interests, and backgrounds. This way personalized training courses boost both engagement and retention rates of the learners. 

Look for a Learning Management System that gives you the ability to pick-and-choose from a broad range of gamification elements to include in your training courses. Badges, points, and other rewards motivate your learners. 

LMS Social Learning Features

Today’s learners are more social. They like to share their skills and talents on various social platforms. Learning is social so consider an LMS that should include features that can help your students learn from one another. By adding messaging boards and social learning features in your training helps your students in can asking questions and they can discuss their problems in a forum.

E-Commerce/ Subscriptions

Many LMS allows you to monetize your online training courses. This is once a learner purchases your training and you get the money. This doesn’t guarantee that the same learner will come back again. So choose an LMS that has a feature of a subscription module. With this module you can provide a subscription to the learners on a monthly or yearly basis like- Netflix And Amazon. This feature will also help you in bringing in recurring income.


I know that creating education and training programs requires planning, effort and time. But choosing a feature LMS makes your training more successful and effective.  

We at WPLMS provides you a feature-packed LMS that makes your training courses more effective and its great user interface, ease in use makes your learners more engaged.

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