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How To Choose The Best eLearning Authoring Tools In 2020

Are you new to the world of eLearning authoring tools or looking for an upgrade?

What should you look out for while choosing an eLearning authoring tool for your business?

Choosing the right eLearning authoring tool is a tough task unless you are sure of what you want. 

Today at WPLMS, we will discuss the important parameters that will help you in selecting the right authoring tool to meet your requirements.

How To Get Your Course To LMS

Invest in an LMS that your learners are going to be accessing for your eLearning content. Most of the LMS allows you to upload SCORM files while most of the authoring tools allow you to export to SCORM directly to their LMS.

Learning Management System like- WPLMS provides you drag and drop features to upload your contents easily on the LMS while on the other hand, many LMSs does not offer you this type of feature. Providing the latest version of your courses instantly on the LMS saves your time.

Type Of Devices Learners Will Use

Always consider the type of devices that learners will use to complete your online courses. Probably in 2020, learners are able to access your online courses on multiple devices on the go. These devices include desktops, tablets, mobile devices, etc. of different screen sizes.

Look for an authoring tool that can build your eLearning content in blocks and columns styles. Font sizes must be optimized and readable for mobile as well as the desktop version. WPLMS LMS feature allows learners to access eLearning content on their desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

How Will You Engage Your Learners

Different learners learn in different ways, so choose an LMS that allows you to create your own customized element to engage your learners. Almost all the course developers engage their online learners through their compelling subject matter.

WPLMS provides you the freedom to create your own interaction for your learners. It provides a unique learning experience to the learners by providing inbuilt quizzes, flip-cards, badges, and certificates, etc.

How Will You Design Your Content

Choose an eLearning authoring tool that allows you to add different colors, designing your course layout, add custom colors to the different pages and courses, add or remove button colors, etc. choosing these types of features in your LMS can help you in presenting your courses more attractively.

Many authoring tools provide you these types of features and help in designing your courses. Select a tool that provides you flexibility in creating your brand theme while designing your courses.

Scalability Of Publishing Your Courses

Cloud-based authoring tools like- WPLMS allows you to create additional eLearning content for the various topics in the LMS by the different- different authors from the different locations. Any author can access the LMS using the login credentials.

That’s why scalability in your authoring tool enhances the skills of your team members. It helps in providing the current needs of the learners and upscales their knowledge.

Support Provided By Authoring Tool

Good customer support is the factor that creates a difference and separates a good LMS from the others. Good customer support can make your designing team happy and efficient. Choose an LMS that has support and help centers for instant chat and provides demo videos, and instructional guides and other support documents.

At WPLMS support, we provide you instant help and you can chat instantly with our support team. You are more likely to get personalized support quickly from our help center and we will definitely solve your requirement.


The success of your online courses depends more on the eLearning authoring tool. So it becomes very important for you to choose the best authoring tool for your online courses. Do proper research and if possible try to take a full demo before considering an LMS. 

When it comes to eLearning authoring tools, WPLMS is the best choice of thousands of course creators. It’s regular updates and the ability to meet with the latest learning technologies make your business a huge success.

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