How To Collect Valuable Feedback From The Learners

Have you ever wondered whether your eLearning courses leave a good impression or not?

Asking your learners for genuine feedback gives you the best value for your eLearning courses.

Feedback helps you in improving multiple aspects of your eLearning courses, your content, platform, and even marketing. 

In this article, we will discuss the various ways through which you can collect valuable feedback from the learners.

How To Collect Effective Feedback

The golden rule to get effective feedback from the learners is asking them the right questions. As feedback is considered as an essential part of the eLearning courses. It can offer a majority of ways and strengthen your marketing efforts, improves your courses, etc. to get new people engaged. 

Focusing on the learners who are already engaged with your courses and encouraging them for feedback when they successfully complete your courses is a much smarter way to gain feedback from your learners.

Many course developers create surveys to collect feedback from the learners for the sake of saving time. You can also opt for a survey but I will advise you to use the interview method or one-on-one talk with the learners who have completed your course.

Collect Feedback Based On Course Goals

Always remember a one-size-fits-all survey will not give you collect valuable feedback. While designing feedback questions, think especially about your course goals and design your questions around those goals. Ask questions like- Will you refer this course to friends/colleagues, Will you be interested in the next course, Did you like quizzes, questions variety, and covered topics.

By collecting feedback based on your course goals, you not only make it better but also make it ready for future learners. This will help you in making your eLearning course business better as well as increase sales.

Ask Questions Related To Course

Asking general questions can help you in obtaining effective feedback from the learners. Asking questions like- Why did you choose this course, Things that you enjoyed the most, What made you stick to the end, Would you recommend this course to others, etc. can help you in finding the overall experience of a learner from start to finish of your course.

Collecting this type of informational feedback can help you in refining your course as well as help in improving your marketing strategy and attract new learners as a result.

Use Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple-choice questions are the type of question that is easy for the learners to answer. These types of questions can provide you with more detailed feedback. In this fast-paced life, no one likes to write essays during a survey or while giving feedback. 

To get feedback from the learners, you have to value your learners as well as their time to keep their responses as brief as possible. Therefore multiple-choice questions are the best way to collect feedback from them as it doesn’t require learners to think too much and they can provide you with the feedback.

Provide Dedicated Space For Personal Feedback

You often find that some of the learners who are not satisfied with your courses put negative feedback on the social media platforms and on various discussion forums and in groups. So it is important to give them a dedicated space to collect their personal feedback in their own words.

A negative experience or feedback is important to resolve the issue of the learners. Providing a dedicated space gives you a chance to address the issues of the learners. This way you can also make your eLearning courses according to the needs of the learners.


Feedback is a gift in return to you but it takes a bit of work to ask them relevant questions. Make your learner feel that they are part of an active learning community so that they can provide you to collect valuable feedback.

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