How To Turn Your WPLMS Site Into Progressive Web Apps

WPLMS had already fulfilled the dream of all website owners to create an attractive app for their users. PWA(Progressive web apps)

With the increase in the number of mobile users, more than half of the traffic is generated through mobile devices.

A website and native mobile App is not enough to gain the attention of the users.

How will you improve the experience of mobile users with mobile websites?

Converting your existing WordPress site into a Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is a way to provide a good user experience to your users.

In this post, we will learn about Progressive Web App and how you can convert your WPLMS site into PWA.

What Is Progressive Web App?

A Progressive Web App is an advanced form of responsive websites that look like a native mobile app. A PWA has all the features of the native app and offers the flexibility of the web so that the user can get the best experience on all devices. Progressive Web Apps look like regular websites but have all the features of a native app and behave like a mobile app.

A Progressive Web App is:- 

  • Fast:- Progressive Web Apps are very fast and it loads the contents of the site instantly and never allows the user to wait for the content even in the slow network connection.
  • Reliable:- PWAs are very reliable as it provides smooth user interaction and lagging free scrolling.
  • Engaging:- In terms of engagement, PWAs are known for their greater engagement rate. An app-like experience provides users a better engagement as well as drives traffic.
  • Responsive:- PWAs are known for their responsiveness. It quickly adapts to the screen size of the devices like mobile, desktop, and laptops.

Turn Your WPLMS site Into Progressive Web App  

Around 66% of the total websites are based on WordPress. It is the foundation for developing websites for various applications. WPLMS learning management system (LMS) also works on the WordPress platform. Therefore, you can also turn your WPLMS site into progressive web apps. You can turn to PWA by developing your own PWA or by installing a plugin to your WordPress site. 

Develop Your Own PWA

Developing your progressive web app will require the knowledge of coding and web development languages like- HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and app development languages like- AngularJS, React, Vue.js, etc. These languages provide a useful framework for developing progressive web apps. Some developers use React because of its ease of use and it enhances the quality of developing PWAs. Additionally, you will have to integrate variables for different platforms so that you can craft well functioned PWAs for the cross-functional website.

Using WordPress PWA Plugin

If you don’t know anything about coding and web development or you don’t want to hire a professional for turning to PWAs then you can convert your WPLMS site into PWA by installing plugins. WordPress provides you with many plugins, installing these plugins to your site can easily turn your site into PWA.

VibeBp Plugin

VibeBP is a WordPress plugin that easily converts your traditional WordPress site into a PWA site. VibeBP plugin is easy to configure as it takes less than a minute to set-up. 

With an instant loading time, VibeBP provides a great user experience to the users and increases the engagement and performance of your site. VibeBP plugin is very easy to install and it doesn’t require a technical expert to install the plugin.

Super Progressive Web Apps

Super Progressive Web Apps is an open-source plugin for WordPress that easily turns your site into a PWA. It offers you the ability to create highly customized and featured pages online as well as offline. With super progressive web apps, you can add the web app icon of the site on the home screen of the device like an App.


PWA plugin for WordPress is easy to install and it provides a good featured PWA for your old site. PWA is great for the site to display custom templates even in the offline mode. This will help you in improving the offline experience of the user. Thus, you can customize the display of your site to look more like a native app. Please check also:

Progressive WordPress (PWA)

Installing Progressive WordPress (PWA) automatically adds PWA functionality to your current WordPress website. This plugin offers services support for Google AMP and OneSignal which is the world’s leading push service. It makes your WordPress site more like a native app and provides a good user experience.

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