How To Use Social Learning In Your Online Training Program

Social learning is being incorporated into online training programs by many online course trainers.

Incorporating social learning in your online training programs helps you in providing better collective learning. 

Today, we at WPLMS will learn how to incorporate social learning in your online training programs.

Social Learning In Your Online Training

With the advancement in the field of technology, social media platforms are connecting the world like never before. People around the world are adopting the culture of ‘sharing’. Social media functions as a digital library of a person who has a collection of photos, words and moments that are shared online and these aren’t easily forgotten.

Social learning is a learning methodology that is being used in online training by trainers to help students learn better. Social learning means learning collectively as a part of a community. The use of social networking in your online training program promotes teamwork and team spirit. This ensures a better learning environment while learning.

Let’s dive in and have a look at how to apply social learning to your online training programs.

Conduct A Survey Or Polls

Before applying social learning to your online training program, create a survey or polls among the various social media platforms. These surveys and polls will help you in getting valuable and quantifiable data that can be used in incorporating social learning to your online training programs. 

Conduct your survey and polls on the different social networking sites like- Facebook enhance better communication with the learners all over the world. This will generally provide you the idea of what learners want to learn, their expectations from your courses, etc. These will help you in adding a social component to the mix.

Create Groups And Forums

Today’s learners use various social media platforms on a daily basis. Create groups and forums on the social media platform like- Facebook for your online training courses to ensure that your discussions around the learning and training program take place regularly. 

Social groups and forums bring close to each other and promote collaborative learning among them. It helps the learners in sharing their thoughts, ask questions, provide answers and ideas around your online training courses.

Promote Leaderboards And Batches

Leaderboards and batches are generally used to increase competition and encourage social learning interactions. Leaderboards points and badges are used to signify the progress of their learning from your courses. A learner with most achievements ranks top at the leaderboard.

Build anticipation around eLearning courses through batches in advance to the learners when they share your creative posts and infographics. This will encourage learners in sharing their achievements like completing an eLearning course on social media platforms. This can motivate other learners while learning socially. 

Interact With The Learners

To establish the culture of social learning among the learners through your online courses, you must interact with the learners and motivate them to learn and participate in your online courses. Face-to-face communication helps in accelerating social learning.  

Interacting with the learners, listening to their queries and feedback makes them feel motivated. This can make your eLearning program succeeds in ups-killing learners performance and will build a culture of social learning among them.


Social learning in your online training programs has many advantages as it motivates your learners, facilitates knowledge sharing and their development. We at WPLMS provide an equal opportunity to share personal insights in the participation of the learners through your online training activities, discussion forums, live events, etc.

If you are still wondering about social learning to implement it in your online training programs then Contact Us to expose all the common myths around social learning.

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