Key Features That Enhance The Usability Of Your LMS

Do your online training courses complete your business goals and objectives?

An LMS provides you a platform to share your courses and identify trends that can attract more learners.

As an online trainer and content developer, you can achieve your goals by enhancing the usability of your LMS.

In this article, we will focus on enhancing the usability of your LMS by leveraging the various key features of an LMS.

Why It Is Important To Increase The Usability Of An LMS

When the usability of an LMS increases then it becomes clear that it can bring more traffic of learners as well as increase the engagement rate of the learners. Increasing the usability of your LMS means motivating the learner to take your online courses. We at WPLMS want to enhance the learning experience for both types of learners whether it is tech or non-tech learners. We aim to provide constant support, optimize your eLearning courses, and simplify the uses of the LMS regularly by adapting to changes in the requirement of the users.

Key Features That Can Enhance The Usability Of An LMS

Ease Of Customization 

Today’s learners are more technology freak and can easily understand the level of your online courses. They regularly keep on visiting different websites and eLearning platforms to check which platform is easy to use. Therefore it becomes important to customize your Learning Management System. 

An LMS which allows you to customize your courses easily will let you deliver your courses easily. You can add logos, custom colors, and various infographics to make your training courses more personalized. Using bigger fonts and brighter colors add more visual to your eLearning content. Thus, it increases the functionality and enhances the usability of your LMS.

Mobile Compatibility

The eLearning course market has been increased to a great extent due to an increase in the technology that has made it accessible on the mobile device. LMS providers like- WPLMS use adaptive and responsive design to make it easily accessible on mobile devices. 

Adaptive and responsive design helps the learners in accessing your eLearning courses on various devices. It helps you in providing a good user experience to the learners while switching from one device to another. Therefore, using a mobile compatible LMS can improve the usability of your LMS. 

Digital Badges And Certificates

Digital badges and certificates are tools that can increase the usability of your LMS as well as increase user engagement. Implementing a digital badge system in your LMS specifies that the learner has successfully completed the particular course. Whenever someone clicks on the badges then it shows the course completed by the learners.

Digital badges and certificates not only increase the usability of your LMS but also motivate your learners to earn more badges and certificates. So it can help you in attracting more learners toward your courses and provide you a faster rate of course completion.

Reporting And Analytics

Many online trainers and course developers were worried because they can’t determine the performance of their learners as well as their courses. With the Reporting and Analytic feature of an LMS, you can track the progress of your learners, their attendance, active time, rate of course completion, level of interest, test records, grades, etc.

WPLMS comes with advanced in-built reporting and analytics features and you don’t have to purchase any extra plugin to track the performance of your learners. Thus, you can easily increase the usability of your Learning Management System.

Seamless Integration

An LMS that integrates seamlessly with the various WordPress plugins, social media platforms, calendars, eCommerce, Memberships, Affiliates, and contact forms, etc. can increase the efficiency, usability and reach a wider audience.

Integrating your LMS with several features can improve the overall system usability. A learner can easily purchase your course, share it on the social platforms, and can set up a series of notifications.


I hope this article has helped you in highlighting the main features of an LMS that can enhance the usability of your LMS. This will increase the overall productivity of your eLearning courses and will provide a great learning experience to the learners. 

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