Learning Management System vs Youtube videos for Online Education

Learning Management System (LMS) and Youtube video series are two great tools for online learning.

LMS provides an interactive platform to access instructional content, track progress and measure outcomes. It is highly customized, allowing learners to work independently or in groups. On the other hand, Youtube video series is a great way to provide information in an easily digestible format. Videos can be accessed quickly and can be used to supplement traditional course material with visuals and audio elements.

While both are useful in different ways, LMS provides more of a structured course environment while YouTube videos offer more flexibility and creativity for learners. With latest development in Youtube offering membership options where you can create content exclusively for members subscribing to your channel. Using an LMS may not be the best case for every user who wants to teach.

Benefits of using Youtube for teaching content

1. Accessibility: YouTube is a great platform to access educational content as it can be accessed anywhere in the world, on any device. This makes it easier for teachers to reach out to students in remote areas who might not have access to other educational resources.

2. Variety of content: YouTube has a wide variety of educational content available from subject experts, institutions, and organizations around the world that can be used for teaching purposes. This diversity of content allows teachers to easily find the information they need for their classes.

3. Engaging format: Videos can be more engaging for students than traditional textbooks or lectures and can help them stay engaged and interested in the lesson material.

4. Easy sharing: Teachers can easily share YouTube videos with their students through email or on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, making it easy for them to access the material from home or outside of class.

5. Cost-effective: YouTube is free to use, meaning teachers don’t have to worry about costly subscriptions or materials when incorporating videos into their lessons.

Benefits of using Learning management software for online education

1. Automated grading: Learning management systems (LMS) provide automated grading capabilities that help online instructors quickly grade assignments and tests, freeing up time for more in-depth feedback.

2. Improved tracking and recordkeeping: LMSs can track student progress and keep records of grades, attendance, course completion, and other data. This makes it easier to manage the classroom and view student performance over time.

3. Increased engagement: Online learning can be a lonely endeavor for some students, but LMSs provide tools to engage students through discussion forums, virtual classrooms, live streaming lectures, and more.

4. Easier collaboration: Online instructors can use the LMS’s tools to create group projects or assign tasks between multiple people in an easy-to-manage format.

5. Accessibility: Students can access course materials from anywhere at any time with an internet connection making distance learning much more convenient for all involved.

6. Cost savings: Using an LMS eliminates the need for physical textbooks and other printed materials which helps to reduce costs for both the institution and the student.


While both have their own advantage, a YouTube video series is more suited towards an hobby Instructor whereas Learning Management softwares are geared towards a complete wholistic development of the student. Eventually using an LMS ensures Learner has gained something and also rewarding.

December 26, 2022
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