Mobile Learning App: How To Reduce Your Training Cost

Do you use the Mobile Learning App for your online courses?

Almost 65% of smartphone users use their mobile device to access your online training courses.

Mobile learning apps are cost-saving and also provide the benefits of offline functionality.

Today, we will learn how mobile learning apps reduce training costs and why we should adopt it for on-the-go learning. 

How To Reduce Training Cost Using Mobile Apps 

Mobile learning apps are very easy to use. It provides access to your online training courses to the learners at their convenience. It is convenient for the learners as well as online trainers to use the mobile app for the online courses.

Mobile Optimize Courses

To make training courses a huge success, design and optimize your training courses for the smaller screens. Optimize your training courses that can be swapped to portrait for mobile phones and then resized for laptops and tablets. Mobile optimize courses refers to the design that starts on the small screen and then squash for big-screen like- tablets, laptops, and desktop.

Mobile optimize courses reduces the overall cost of the training as you don’t have to provide them with tablets or laptops. Learners can access your training courses on their smartphones by just downloading the app.

Minimize the Size Of Your Courses

To start your online training on a mobile app, you don’t have to be prepared with a new course and ideas. You can use your most popular courses to deliver it on the mobile app. So start from there, and use it to make your mobile app popular. 

The emphasis on your training courses for the learning app, you have to reduce the file size of your online courses because smartphones and tablets have limited storage space. Mobile devices have a lower size screen and navigation space. To make your training courses available offline, you have to convert your links and live buttons into offline formats.

Provide Just-In-Time Courses

JIT  means providing your training courses whenever a learner requires your training courses. You can create compliance summaries of your training courses for the learners. In fact, creating eLearning infographics for your courses can provide learners with a great reference. You can design your courses for the mobile app that can meet the needs of the learners. With Just-In-Time courses, they can access your courses without having an internet connection.

Shorter Duration Courses

Shorter duration courses can be accessed by the learners on-the-go with the help of mobile devices. Leaving behind desktop learning, mobile learning provides a better learning experience to the learners because of its short length sizes. You can also create shorter duration video lectures to engage your learners for a longer period of time.

The shorter duration courses have reduced the overall cost of the training courses. It saves time and resources and increases the potential of your courses. 

Promote Collaborative Learning

In today’s digital era, more learners are using their smartphones to take online training courses on-the-go. They are more social and believe in collaborative learning. Along with the courses, you can also create social groups and discussion forums to promote collaborative learning. Collaborative learning in your training courses breaks geographical barriers and improves the accessibility of the learners.

It helps the learners to share their views, queries, and Q&A with one another. This way collaborative learning reduces the overall cost of the courses as well as saves your time.


Mobile learning apps can make your training courses a huge success. It helps you in reducing the overall cost of the training while promoting learning on-the-go. 

Do you want to launch an LMS along with an integrated mobile learning app?

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