Mobile Learning Trends To Follow In 2021

Do you want to increase learner’s performance or achieve a high ROI on your training?

Mobile learning is becoming increasingly popular among learners for knowledge sharing and skills training.

With its flexibility and widespread adoption, mobile learning is becoming the dominant form of eLearning.

In this article, I want to share my list mersin escort top mobile learning trends that you should adopt in 2021 to influence your training.

Mobile Learning In 2021

Modern learners do not like the traditional training formats that tend to be prescriptive and want training to be easily accessible or instant access to the training. The year 2020 marks the acceleration of this learning and its adoption among the learners due to the COVID-19 global pandemic to a must-have learning or training platform.

With the increasing demand for continuous learning and building skills, mobile learning seems to be a great platform for modern learners. Let’s see the top trends of this learning.

Mobile Apps For Learning On-The-Go

Today’s learners prefer learning on the go and mobile learning apps are able to provide instant courses, microlearning training, quizzes, and many more to facilitate active learning. Mobile apps are easily accessible over smartphones by the learners. These native mobile apps help learners to access their courses and training from remote locations or on-the-go to improve their skills. Native apps can be easily customized to reinforce learning and provide training to the learners. Thus, mobile apps are perfect for modern learners.

Personalized Mobile Courses

Most L&D teams have to struggle to provide personalized courses for the learners. Personalized courses are essential for any type of training, and more so for skills building. This learning is designed to make the training and courses more personalized for the learners. L&D teams can generate personalized courses due to their short learning format. Thus, mobile learning due to its personalized courses can be used for on-the-job training. This is why mobile learning with personalized courses are going to be popular in the future.

Chatbots In Mobile Learning

We all have come across chatbots. Remember…a customized bot is always ready to help you whenever you visit a site or an app. The same chatbots are being used by the L&D professionals to answer specific questions of a learner. These AI chatbots can be transformed into a virtual coach that can provide specific question answers to provide more ease in the training and guides the learners in building skill sets.

AR & VR In Mobile Learning

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are the latest technologies that add a more digital touch to your mobile learning. These two elements are helping the professionals to simplify their training needs. It adds more specific and real-life objects with computer graphics to present the training in a more simplified way. Thus, AR and VR are becoming more important in providing training to the learners in a more illustrating way.

Better Learning Experience From Mobile Learning

This learning is designed to provide a better learning experience to the learners. If your learners are not engaging with your courses then designing a better learning experience can help you in providing a better engagement to the learners. Enabling your learners to provide instant learning even in the offline mode is the key aspect of designing mobile learning courses for the learners. Thus, a better learning experience can make your mobile learning more popular among the learners. 


Mobile learning is turning dreams into reality by delivering a variety of skill-based training to the learners on-the-go. Following these trends in your training strategy, this year can be more helpful to reach your training goals. We at WPLMS provide you with the best mobile training platform for your eLearning courses.

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