How to Prepare for a Course Launch Through Your Email List

4 Ways To Get Through To Your How to Prepare for a Course Launch Through Your Email List

The secret to preparing for a course launch through your email list is segmentation. If you build a segment of subscribers, also referred to as “leads,” and send a series of targeted emails to that segment before you launch, you’ll have a much higher chance at achieving the results you want to see.

Let’s go over everything you need to do to prepare for a course launch through your email list.

Step 1: Build Your Segment

Start by building your segment long before you launch, even if your course is only an idea on a Trello board. Do this by creating a lead magnet (or a few) that strongly relate to your course. You then need to use your email marketing service provider to attach that lead magnet to a segment in your email list. Every service provider handles this differently. Just make sure you name the segment something descriptive, such as “[ course name here ] Leads.”

Promote this lead magnet on pages and posts that relate to your course. You should especially promote it through advertisements, such as Facebook Ads.

Step 2: Create a Free Mini Course

Take a look at all of the individual topics in your course, and determine which topic can be used to create a free mini-course. This course will be used to nurture your leads and will serve as an introduction to your main course.

Break the course down into three to five lessons. When you build it, make sure you choose a medium that can be dripped over a series of emails. This includes content-locked pages on your site (blog posts, embedded videos, etc.) or courses sent entirely through your email marketing service provider. Get more information click on this link WordPress LMS.

Step 3: Distribute the Free Course

Prepare emails that introduce each lesson in your email course, and use your email marketing service provider’s autoresponder to ensure they only target your segment. Drip the emails out over a period of 10-30 days, and make sure the final lesson will be sent before you launch your course.

Tease your course in the second to last email. Say something along the lines of “I’m about to launch a course that goes over this topic in depth if you’ve been enjoying this mini-course. I’ll send over the details after I send the final lesson in this course.”

After you send the final lesson, send one last email announcing your course. It can be a few hours after you send the final lesson, a day later or a few days later. Just don’t go over a week. Your lead may go cold if you wait too long.

Step 4: Make the Sale

Simply announcing your course may be enough to convince some leads to make a purchase, but it may be entirely ineffective on others. If your email marketing service provider has automation that allows you to further segment your leads into customers, do so.

You can encourage leads who don’t purchase after a week or so to bite using one of two methods:

  1. Consider only allowing leads to enroll in the course for a short period of time. This puts pressure on a lead to make a purchase.
  2. If you want the course to be open year-round, offer a special discount, and state that it’s exclusive to mini course students.

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